BLOGGING 18/30: I Break Promises

BLOGGING Challenge: Day 18 of 30

I Break Promises

Today’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge tasks is about making a promise, which as a parent I do all the time and break!

30 Day Challenge Accepted 18

I promise my kids that they’ll get something, that I’ll do something, that we’ll go somewhere… just to get them to cooperate with whatever I need them to do for me at that moment. And if I don’t follow through, they will call me out on it. In my mind it’s not a promise, it’s a compromise and not that serious. But there is it… right in the word: comPROMISE.

They might be kids, but they’re teaching ME things about life, constantly.  What lesson am I teaching them by not doing what I say?! I preach to them about consistency, and about keeping your word, and not lying. Yet, here I am on what I feel is a minuscule scale, not delivering on my end. But regardless of the degree of promise, there are consequences.  What happens when I don’t follow through? Distrust. Loss of credibility. Uncooperativeness. Reciprocal disappointing behavior.

Now, I’m being a bit dramatic in order to prove a point.  Truth is, more often than not, I do what I say I will and my kids know this. But when I forget, I never forget how it feels that I let them down.

As a blogger, there’s a fundamental promise we give our readers… that we will provide informative, entertaining, quality content, consistently.  My promise is to happily compromise my time for yours. I’ve stopped following bloggers because their content didn’t evolve.  Or because their personality became too sponsored. Or simply because they stopped posting.  I would hate to be THAT blogger, because I would never forget how it would feel to fail at yet another 30 Day Challenge.  So, see you for Day#19!


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BLOGGING 14/30: Funny How Things Work Out

BLOGGING Challenge: Day 14 of 30

Funny How Things Work Out

I’ve mentioned this guy before – my husband. I wrote about how he’s my support team – both my emotional support and technical support. The funny thing is most of the time he isn’t doing anything.  But I’m not saying this in the tone of a bitter wife. I’m actually commending him, that he doesn’t go out of his way to be my cheerleader about blogging or to make sure things look perfect on this website.  He just lets me be.

What made me think to include him in this post today was watching him on this new toy his bought – a motorized skateboard. While most people might joke that this is mid-life crisis purchase, it’s absolutely the opposite. He’s such a kid at heart and doesn’t care what people think; and trust me – this thing looks ridiculous. He enjoys life, says what he feels, and does what he wants.  It doesn’t always work out initially, but it doesn’t matter, because it works out eventually.

“Opposites attract” is live and strong in our relationship. I think I was born with an old soul; I’ve been serious since I was a kid. My skin has thickened over the years, but I care what people think. I care how I come across (except in the morning when I’m dropping off my kids at school). I definitely take into consideration other people’s feelings and opinions. I try to be careful and thoughtful with my words.  I’m a planner by nature and need to go by a calendar. It doesn’t always work out initially, but it doesn’t matter, because it works out eventually.

Even though he doesn’t ask me how blogging is going and doesn’t check to see how he could help with improving the site, I don’t mind. I think it’s because we both know – it’ll work out eventually.

30 Day Challenge Accepted Blogging

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BLOGGING 11/30: My Motivation: A Tutu-Wearing Rock Climber

BLOGGING Challenge: Day 11 of 30

My Motivation: A Tutu-Wearing Rock Climber

Sure, there are things my daughter is scared of, or pretends to be scared of, like any typical kid –  lighting storms, dark rooms, strangers, and new food.  But otherwise, she’s the bravest little person I know.

30 Day Challenge Accepted 11

Today while at the playground watching her swing across the monkey bars (then up the rock wall, then through a rope wall) with such ease, I remembered an Instagram post from a few weeks back.  It was a photo of her in a tutu, rock climbing… my caption: “When I need inspiration or motivation, I just need to look at my tutu-wearing rock-climbing daughter.” She is the reason I want to better myself and look for ways to explore ways to improve, like doing 30 Day Challenges.

As a toddler, climbing furniture and jumping from anything with height, there was little that would stop her.  She didn’t think anything would hurt her.  Even now, when we challenge her brain or braun, she goes in with unrestraint and majestic confidence. If she does get hurt, after the tears dry up, she shows off her new booboo to whoever will listen – proud of how she got it.

Inevitably as she goes through her childhood and the teen years this will slowly be replaced with insecurities, peer pressure, and the expectancy to conform. It makes me wish I could bottle this fearlessness up and make her drink it later in life when she has moments of self-doubt.  Heck, I want a sip of it now.


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BLOGGING 6/30: A Model Role Model

BLOGGING Challenge: Day 6 of 30

A Model Role Model

As mentioned in Day 2, I only follow one blogger. Her name is Marianna Hewitt. Her blog is Not to say I haven’t tried to follow other blogs, but her blog has been the only one I still follow. As I piece together my own blog, I have only her to reference and it begged the question – Why?

Here are the reasons I think is a model Role Model:

1. Consistency

From content to imagery, there is a story Marianna tells and sticks to. Her brand has an identity that is put together organically. It comes across effortlessly and gives you a sensory reaction of calmness, romanticism, and simple beauty. Whether on her website, her Instagram, her YouTube channel, or even SnapChat, she doesn’t try to be anyone else but Marianna Hewitt. She also posts regularly – she doesn’t disappear for months, return with a obligatory sorry and no explanation (like most of the bloggers I eventually stopped following- because there was nothing to follow).

2. Personality

Of course, it stems from her makeup as a person – a former TV host, her childhood experiences as a Eurasian, a loving daughter who travels the world with her parents, and humbly being a part of a fabulous inner circle in L.A. (ie. Kim Kardashian & Co., whom she resembles!) Her professionalism and genuine charm comes across in her words, in her photos and in her videos. I don’t know her personally, but after you follow someone for a while (even if they’re only putting themselves in the best light – as we all do with social media), curtains come down and you see the person for whom they are.

3. Seamless and Accessible

Marianna keeps herself top by my mind through daily Instagram posts and announcements via Snapchat videos. From there, if I find a topic she’s writing about interesting, I access her blog via her mobile app or on my laptop. If she notifies that she’s posted a video, I go to YouTube. Her content rotates, whether it’s about hair or makeup or a recent trip she’s taken; it’s not one note. She even takes you behind-the-scenes and happily shares her tips and tricks of how she runs her business. And I can find it regardless of which social media platform.

I consider Marianna Hewitt an inspiration. In her genre of beauty and lifestyle, I think she’s making smart business moves and will be relevant for years to come. I feel she’s the epitome the adage “Love what you do, do what you love”. So, as a newbie blogger I will take what I feel are her strengths – being herself, all the time, everywhere – as characteristics I want my blog to achieve.

30 Day Challenge Accepted


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