TREADMILL 28-30/30: Epic Fail (with Challenge Review)


Epic Fail

I wish that was a joke. There I was after Day 27 of this 30 day challenge, one step away from the finish line… and I gave up. Embarrassingly, I’m not even bothering to finish up this 30 Day Treadmill Challenge.  Talk about a FAIL.

30 Day Challenge Accepted Treadmill

The obvious truth is that I plainly lost interest in this challenge.  I could easily blame that things at work and at home got busy (they did!), but that would be lame.  However, although I can’t claim that I’ve kept to an alternate regular exercise routine these past 4-5weeks, I have tried to be less lazy.  I’ve even used the treadmill, but didn’t follow the Refinery29 program. I was simply over this specific program.

“Hills: Run Flat (1) + Incline Run (1) + Walk Flat (1), x6”

“Walk (1) + Run (3), x5”

“Pyramids: Brisk Walk, Increase Pace 0.2 Every Minute to Run (5), Then Reverse, x2”


Review of the Refinery 29’s 30 Day Treadmill Challenge

It’s doable but cumbersome

As mentioned at the half-way mark, the challenge itself is achievable regardless of what fitness level you are.  Whatever speed you consider is a “walk” vs a “run” is up to you.  So, you can challenge yourself further by pushing yourself to a fast speed.  In general, the daily routine was 20-30minutes max, and would get your heart moving. However, the adjustments with speed and/or incline with the short time durations were just annoying.  Having to keep track and manually change the settings messed with my groove.  It just added to my excuses for not wanting to do this challenge.


In closing, here are the goals I listed when I started this challenge:

  • to complete this challenge as close to 30 days as possible
    • unmet
  • to feel comfortable in my clothes again
    • unmet
  • stop being so good at making excuses
    • unmet
  • be more active with my kids
    • partially met
      • I found myself being a bit less lazy with my kids.  This means little things like using our free time to run around at the park or simply walking to school instead of driving.  We do yoga and dance games together, and while the weather is still cooperative, we go for a easy hike.  They have so much energy, and I just try to steal some of it.
  • go beyond 30 days and make exercise part of my lifestyle
    • unmet.
      • Truth is, these daily challenges weren’t enough.  20minutes on a treadmill used to be my warm-up before using machines or  free weights and/or isometric exercises.  You could argue that I should’ve performed this current challenge by making it part of a larger routine, but I wanted to try this as a one-off. Also, its hard enough for me to find a way to steal 30minutes from may days, let alone a full-hour.




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TREADMILL 25-27/30: Why is This Not Over Yet?

Why is This Not Over Yet?

I hate this challenge.

30DayChallengeAccepted Treadmill

Correction – I hate how much I’m failing at this challenge. It’s just embarrassing.  I actually want to end right here and move onto another challenge.  But watch me never complete the next one too! So, I’m going to see this through, despite how disappointed I am in myself.

I already preempted that 30 Days of the Treadmill will be a challenge because I don’t prioritize exercising in my schedule.  I want to. I tried to. But it’s not happening. So Day25-27 took almost two weeks to do (TWO WEEKS?! i had to double check the dates); which is frankly pathetic.

“Walk (2) + Run (2), x5”
Didn’t feel well
Done. Wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

“Rest or Cross Training”
why even bother?

“Walk (1) + Run (2), x6”
i don’t even know how many days I skipped?! Halloween with toddlers is a buzy time (<-lame excuse)


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TREADMILL 22-24/30: Too Many Takes

Too Many Takes Treadmill

After a productive and proud few days at the Challenge, I struggled through the next few days.  With the previous Blogging Challenge I figured out that around the early 20’s is when I usually fail at 30Day Challenges; I called it The Hump.  Maybe because of this mental hurdle, I already prepared myself to give up.  I hate that I’m allowing myself so many “takes”.  But exercising really is a challenge for me. If it took me 7days to complete Day22+23+24, I’m not looking forward to calculating how many days it took me do the 30Day Challenge.

“Rest or Cross Training”
Since I went a few consecutive days at the Treadmill Challenge, my legs were pretty sore. So instead of taking a rest I felt I needed to focus on helping my muscles relax.  Before I started this blog, a 30Day Challenge I attempted was yoga and I found really enjoyed the instructor’s YouTube channel.  I went back to her and found a video she recently posted titled “Yoga for Tired Legs”. It’s like she made it just for me!

“Pyramids: Brisk Walk, Increase Pace 0.1 Every 30Seconds to Run (5), Then Reverse, x2”
take 1
I’d like to blame it on the flu shot, but I would be lying. 💉

take 2
Done! – I prefer to do it at night, but because I felt so guilty skipping yesterday, I shockingly completed this in the morning.

I wish I could input the daily Challenge into the treadmill because having to increase speed by 0.1 every 30seconds manually and keep track of my progress can get difficult especially when I’m at a higher speed and also watching Real Housewives to distract myself from the fact that I’m running .

“Walk Incline (2) + Run Incline (1), x5”
take1 and take2
lazy weekend 😴

had a long day and called it a early night

Yawned my way to the treadmill, but I did it.

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TREADMILL 19-21/30: I Like Doing it at Night

I Like Doing it at Night

I’ve think I may have figured out how to hit this challenge head-on.  During the Blogging Challenge I scheduled a 1-hour time slot every night to write and post.  Now that my blog posts are simply recaps of 3-day period, I use that time to complete the daily Treadmill Challenge instead.

I’m sure there are studies out there that say exercising is better in the morning and not before going to sleep.  But I figure – a dedicated work out at least 1x a day, whenever you happen to fit it in, is better than none at all. Ends up, I like doing it at night.

30 Day Challenge Accepted Treadmill

“Hills: Brisk Walk, Increase Incline 1% Every Minute (5), Then Reverse to 0%, x2”
Done! – this one was fun

“Walk (2) + Run (2), x5”
Done! – hard for me, but I pushed through.

“Walk Flat (2) + Walk Incline (2), x5”
Done! – nice way to end this 3day jaunt.

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TREADMILL 16-18/30: 1 Step Forward, 8 Steps Backwards

1 Step Forward, 8 Steps Backwards

I was definitely hoping Day16-18 would read differently.  Going into it, I had a spike in motivation.  I remember a few years ago when I was in a gym-rat period and left for vacation, and I actually hit up the empty beach resort gym.  I was so proud of myself. Even my husband was shocked.  I had every intention to do that again this vacation.  The first items I packed into my suitcase were my sneakers, sports bra and running pants.

30DayChallengeAccepted Treadmill

“Pyramids: Brisk Walk, Increase Pace 0.1 Every Minute to Run (5), then Reverse, x2”

Early morning flight across the country.  Landed with a sore throat.  Unpacked my sneakers.  Had lunch, took a dip in the ocean and pool.  Went down for a quick nap, but didn’t wake up until the welcoming reception was almost over.  Then ended the night out in the town.
Slept in until lunch time. Heard that the resort’s only treadmill was broken anyways.  😐
Today I finally put on my running tights! But to go atv’ing.
Today we take a full day to fly back ‘cross country.  During wedding weekend, my sore throat turned into a full sinus cold, and during landing my ear drum ruptured.   🤕
Back to the grind. But i’m literally sick and tired. 😷
I’m ready to call it quits on this challenge out of shear embarrassment.  😖
How is it possible that I feel worse? Every free moment today, I slept. 😴
Finally did it. Not proud of myself, whatsoever.

“Walk (2) + Run (1), x6”

I did it! Have a houseguest this weekend and could’ve used that as an excuse, but instead I ponied up. It helped this today’s Challenge was my favorite type – sprints.

“Rest or Cross Training”

Neither, moving onto Day19  👋


By the way, I didn’t wear yoga pants to the wedding reception.


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TREADMILL 13-15/30: Finally, Half Way!

Finally, Half Way! 


Took way too long to get this point, but I’m so relieved to finally be here.  And right before I have to leave for the beach wedding.  Hoping the last 15days are more successful than my attempt at the first 15days of this challenge.

Day 13
“Walk (2) + Run (1), x5”

Turning this struggle bus around. Did it. Done!👊

Day 14
“Rest or Cross Training”

No, thanks! Rode that struggle bus too long on Days 10-12.  Skipping to Day15… ✌️

Day 15
“Walk Flat (2) + Walk Incline (1), x6”

Did it. Done! 🙅

Here is my half-way point review of the Refinery29 30 Day Treadmill Challenge.

  1. The hardest thing so far about this challenge is making the time for it.   Unlike the Blogging challenge where I could set aside an hour every night to write, I can’t seem to find a consistent time to exercise.
  2. Unlike writing, which I effortlessly enjoy, I don’t enjoy exercise and really need to find motivation to get on the treadmill.  However, similar to writing, I love how accomplished I feel afterwards.
  3. The challenge itself is like having an editorial calendar since it’s all laid out in the Refinery29 post, so theres no thought about what I have to do each subsequent day.  However, I did have to reformat their chart so it would require less thought while in the middle of a workout, trying to keep track of adjusting the incline or speed as required.
  4. The workouts themselves are are do-able. You can adjust the ‘walk’ and ‘run’ degree-of-difficulty to your comfort level, so the Challenge is designed for any type of athelete, beginner to avid, and extremely friendly to a non-athelete (me).

I’m ready to get the last 15days under my belt and working to meet my goal to take this beyond just 30 days.


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TREADMILL 10-12/30: Struggling


Day 10
“Rest or Cross Training”

I was at the office all day, so I took today as a rest day.  But I’m disappointed in myself.  If I made the effort, I could’ve fit it something late hours.  But my head wasn’t there.

Day 11
“Walk (2) + Run (1), x5”

take 1
Fail. Or maybe I should call this ‘take 2’ of Day-10. 😕

take 2
Ok… so every month there’s a time when my body shuts down on me; if you know what I mean. Today is that day.  The day I want to just stay curled up in bed and wish that my next 30 Day Challenge be sleeping.

take 3
I finally did it!
So, I wrote that before actually doing it. I had to, to force myself to get back on track with this challenge.

The best part about today’s session was that my kids planted themselves in front of treadmill to watch me, pretending I was a tv show, and every Run sprint, they got up and ran with me.

Day 12
“Hills: Walk, Increase Incline 1% Every Minute (5), then Reverse to 0%, x2”

take 1
I had every intention of doing this in the morning, but after a night of tossing and turning in bed, I was ready for a nap as soon as I woke up.  Since I seem to have a spurt of energy at night, I procrastinated to doing it at night. Instead, I fell asleep when putting the kids to sleep.
So, I didn’t get today’s Challenge in, but I did get a full 9hours of sleep!

take 2
Not only did I do today’s challenge, but I added a 2 consecutive laps of running into today’s routine. I want to call it a punishment to myself, but instead I’ll call it a reward for getting my butt off the struggle-bus.

Do you exercise regularly? What do you to do keep yourself motivated?

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TREADMILL 4-6/30: Proof

TREADMILL Challenge: Day 4-6 of 30


“Brisk Walk (20)”

I thoroughly enjoyed my day off yesterday while feeling the reward of sore legs – proof that I’m making my body work.
30 Day Challenge Accepted

Today was a busy day of errands and a GNO (girl’s night out), leaving me little option to take a “20minute brisk walk”.  Then last minute some things moved around, giving me a brief 1-hour window.  Before I knew it, I had thrown on a sports bra and was on the treadmill doing today’s challenge.  As for the workout – easy peezy.


“Walk (4) + Run(1), x4”

This afternoon we’ll be at a party, so I planned to fit today’s Treadmill Challenge during the morning while the kids kept each other entertained.  Instead, after breakfast I fell back to sleep… while the kids kept each other entertained – proof that GNO was a good-night-out.
I finally got on the treadmill late at night and actually enjoyed today’s challenge. I can do intervals that include sprints! Short sprints. Very short sprints.


“Rest or Cross Training”

Today was a good day to have a rest day scheduled because I had a full-day out of the house.  However, I actually wanted to attempt cross training.  Key word: attempt.
In any case, I took today as a rest day, but I look foward to Day 7 of the 30 Day Treadmill Challenge. Is that proof that I’m getting into this?

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TREADMILL 1-3/30: Longest Five Minutes of My Life

TREADMILL Challenge: Day 1-3 of 30

Longest Five Minutes of My Life


“pyramids: brisk walk, increase pace 0.1 every minute to run (5), then reverse”

take 1

It was a Monday morning. I woke up and put on my workout gear as self-motivation.  I ended up wearing it all day, and didn’t work out at all.

There was not even an attempt to touch my treadmill. Instead I procrastinated.  The night before I studied the Refinery29 30Day Treadmill Challenge and realized that I HAD to reformat the calendar and make my own version of it.

However, I did find myself making more “active” decisions. After picking my son up from preschool I took him to the playground to enjoy the fresh air.  Instead of playing passenger-on-his-bus or customer-at-his-ice cream-shop, we went to the empty tennis courts and played tag.  We chased each other for over 30min, laughing and sweating and enjoying each other.  When it came time to pick up his big sister from school, instead of taking the car, I pulled out the double stroller and walked the 0.8miles x2, there and back.

take 2

With my reformatted version of the 30Day program on-hand, I set my son up on a laptop with and I hopped right onto the treadmill.  I didn’t give myself time to make excuses.  After the recommended warm-up, I started the “pyramid”.  I actually enjoy walking; always have.  But 5-consecutive minutes of running?! I nearly collapsed. It was the longest five minutes of my life.  Thank goodness I had my little cheerleader sitting in front of me.  “Wow, mom! You’re doing so good”, “You are sooo fast!”, “Are you done yet?”

“walk flat (4) + walk incline (1), x4”

With a full-day at the office and our weekly family dinner at the in-laws, I already knew fitting in the challenge today wasn’t going to happen.  But it happened!

Since both my husband and I are night owls, when he left for the gym after the kids were down, I decided to hit the treadmill.  I was fearful the machine would be loud and would wake the kids up (our home design is all open space – so i’m in the basement, but can see up to the 2nd floor), but I figured I’d deal with it if I had to deal with it.  30minutes later, I finished the workout, the kids were still sound asleep, and I still had time to take a shower before watching Stranger Things to sleep.

“Rest or Crossing Training”

Rest, PLEASE. Thank you!


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TREADMILL 0/30: Why Can’t I Wear Yoga Pants to a Wedding?

TREADMILL Challenge: Day 0 of 30

Why Can’t I Wear Yoga Pants to a Wedding?

I hate to go with such a expected choice for my next 30 day challenge, but I have my reasons.  I know a huge part of me feeling like I’m in a rut is because I’m not taking care of myself.  So, for the next 30-ish days I’m going to dust off my sneakers and get myself moving.

30 Day Challenge Accepted

It has nothing to do with how I look physically.  I’m neither “fat” nor “skinny”.  And I put those descriptors in quotes because I feel that society defines what those terms mean and why it even matters.  My weight and my shape have always fluctuated, to the point that I’m not concerned with how I look to other people.  How I feel is what made me select this challenge.  And I feel frumpy.

I’m a part-time stay-at-home-mom and get to be in casual clothes and a part-time employee in the media industry and get to be in casual clothes.  But my daily attire isn’t fitting me how I like, and getting dressed is becoming stressful.  This past weekend we had a semi-formal event and I spent almost an hour trying to find an outfit.  The end of this month we have a formal event to attend, and I’m already not looking forward to the process.  Why can’t I wear yoga pants to a wedding?

Here’s my background:

  • My current exercise routine – I don’t exercise, at all.
  • I don’t have any physical ailments holding me back
  • I’ve had periods of being a gym-rat, so I know I can do it (and have the work-out gear already).
  • I have a treadmill in my house

More importantly, here are my goals with this challenge:

  • to complete this challenge as close to 30 days as possible
  • to feel comfortable in my clothes again
  • stop being so good at making excuses
  • be more active with my kids
  • go beyond 30 days and make exercise part of my lifestyle

The program I’m following is by

Ready, Set, Let’s Go…


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