SLEEP: Day 25-27 of 30 – Too Excited to Sleep

Too Excited to Sleep

Since I started the 30 Day Sleep Challenge I’ve been shocked at how I’ve been able to fall asleep so quickly by simply putting my tempting phone far away from me.  I notoriously had trouble falling asleep, and my solution before used to be sleeping in the opposite direction (head where my feet are) or in a different place altogether (usually the basement because it’s pitch dark).

On Days 4-6 I spoke about being stressed and using the emotional exhaustion to fall asleep. On Day 25, 26 and 27 these stress factors still exist, but the reason I couldn’t fall asleep is because I was excited. After a year on the journey to get myself back on the career track, I got the phone call I’ve been waiting for.  The interview was scheduled rather quickly, which is probably better because I had less days to ponder what to say and how to say it, what to ask and how not too seem too excited.  This is not a bad reason not to be able to fall asleep.

30 Day Challenge Accepted Sleep

Day 25
12:30am – 7:15am (6 hours, 45 minutes), Snooze: 0x

Got into bed at 12:00am but didn’t fall asleep right away.

Day 26
12:30am – 7:15am (6 hours, 45 minutes), Snooze: 0x

Got into bed at 12:00am but didn’t fall asleep right away, again.

Day 27
1:00am – 8:30am (7 hours, 30 minutes), Snooze: 1x

Knocked out and only snoozed because I forgot to turn off my 7:15am alarm

I didn’t completely bomb the interview, by the way. There’s still a long road ahead for me, but it was a proud moment because I felt like the chances I have been taking with my career lead me to this.  It was the first time I mentioned the creation of this blog to an interviewer, taking it back my initial purpose of starting this project and one of my goals – to be able to put this on my resume.  It was a great feeling.


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KINDNESS: Day 28-30/30 – Plus Bonus Day31!

Plus Bonus Day31

I almost didn’t reach my goal to complete this 30Day Challenge in exactly 30Days.  But I surprised myself and went for an extra day of kindness.

30DayChallengeAccepted Kindness

“Ask someone how they are and really listen when they answer.”

I thought this would be easy because I consider myself a good listener.  But I didn’t have the chance to talk to anyone face-to-face today, unless you count my kids. I asked them how they are, but have you tried to have the conversation with a kid? It’s very short.  A conversation with my husband, even shorter.

So, I texted my closest girlfriends, but they were all normal every-day conversation. When I tried to make them deeper, it felt too forced and disingenuous so I stopped.  Then when the day was almost over, a friend texted me and we got into an effortless deep and personal conversation .  I’m not going into detail about who it was and what we talked about, but these moments make me grateful that I have amazing girlfriends who willingly share their ups and downs with me.

“Give encouragement to someone who is working hard.”

I crap on him all the time. It’s easy.  But without a doubt, I will be the first person to tell you how hard my husband works.  He has his 9-5, but he also has an internet business he maintains on the side. Basically he works 24/7 to support our family and allow me to be a stay-at-home mom.

He probably thought I had more than one glass of wine at dinner, but I let him know how awesome I think he is at what he does.  That even though he’s on a device all the time, and his phone is always ringing at odd hours… that I am in awe of how he handles all the technical tasks, deals with people from across the globe, and makes it look easy.

“Spend a day saying only nice things about – and to- other people.”

TAKE 1 – I can’t even fudge it, I completely failed this today. It was the first day back to the grind – husband back to work / kids back to school.  After over a week off, everyone was out of wack, including myself.  With the Kindness Challenge on my mind, I was already more patient than I normally would be, but the two adorable beings I gave birth to pushed me beyond my limits and it put me in a funk for the rest of the day.

TAKE 2 – right before I went to bed, I was having conversations with mommy friends and by the end of it I had ended up volunteering for a position that unexpectedly opened on the executive board of the PTA.  I was ready to call it quits on kindness for Day30, then this happened and I think it totally counts.

BONUS – Day 31

I could’ve ended the challenge yesterday, but after such a rough day I wanted a Day30-do-over.  I woke up with a fresh mind and a fresh heart.  I think my kids did too because whatever demons possessed them were gone and we had a picture-perfect morning.  I went into the office and had a productive day and lots of laughs with my co-workers. Ended my day with a relaxing family dinner at my in-laws and an easy night-routine with my kids. I spent the day genuinely saying and doing nice things, and it was the perfect way to end this challenge.



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TREADMILL 7-9/30: Hot Housewife

Hot Housewife

Fitting in Day 7, 8 and 9 of the 30 Day Treadmill Challenge will be a breeze. I’m not scheduled to go into the office the next three days  and don’t have many errands to run this week.

I think when my husband and I agreed that I would be a stay-at-home-mom, he pictured me as that hot housewife running around in a sports bra with a full face of make-up, going to the gym after I drop the kids off at school in an SUV, shopping superfluously during my down-time, and have a decadent meal on the table every night.  I was fantasizing the same thing.  The only thing that’s a reality is driving a SUV.
30 Day Challenge Accepted Treadmill

“Walk Flat (3) + Walk Incline (1), x5”

✓ Dropped the kids off at school
✓ Worked on my resume and applied for a job online before
✓ Attacking today’s Challenge. Done!
✓ picked up the younger one from school
✓ we built a train track, followed by lunch
✓ we picked up the older one from school
✓ I put the younger one down for his nap
✓ Practiced piano and did homework with the older one.
✓ younger one is still napping as I type this, while the older one is now having her music lesson.
✓ Next, going to start making dinner.
Besides the workout, this is just another mundane Monday so far.

“Brisk Walk (20)”

✓ After breakfast, the younger one and I dropped the older one off at school,
✓ then off to Costco, ToysRUs, the pediatricians, and Macy’s before soccer class.
✓ After soccer I took my little guy out for a lunch date before we had to pick up big sister from school.
✓ Put him down for a nap, practiced piano,  off to martial arts class, back to homework, and finally a bath while I put dinner tonight.

Did you see what I missed? The treadmill!
It’s easy to let the day get away from you, especially when each day is a little different.

✓ After the kids went down for the night I did today’s 20-minute brisk walk. Done!

“Walk (3) + Run (1), x5”

✓ dropped both kids to school
✓ husband is home from work, so I went back to sleep!
✓ husband picked up the little one from school and took him out
✓ completed today’s Challenge. Done!
✓ lunch
✓ picked the older one up from school
✓ younger one naps at grandparent’s / take older one ballet
✓ attend parent’s back-to-school night
✓ dinner with the grandparents


Being a housewife, for me, is taking care of my kids first and myself last. Making a log of what I did these last three days with/for my kids proves to me that I’m not sitting around eating bonbons.  I will never be the hot housewife, nor do I want to be. But I’m slowly learning that I can make the time to fit in exercising, if I make the effort.  And I know my husband loves me, hot or not.


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Random Rambles: 10Years Experience with an MBA Seeking Entry-Level Position

10Years Experience with an MBA Seeking Entry-Level Position

Deciding to leave the workforce after working over a decade in the media industry and being quite comfortable in both my career and finances was the hardest and easiest decision I made.  Almost four years later, I resent the outcome, but not my decision. 

My family was excited about my new life as a stay-at-home mom. We just gave birth to our son, and our daughter was entering preschool.  I was now able to fully manage the construction of our new home.  And we figured once all was settled, going back to work wouldn’t be an issue.  I had over 10-years agency experience, good relationships with my peers, clients and colleagues, and a bachelor and masters degress in marketing. So, devoting 5 years to my family seemed small in the big picture.

After 3 years, I was ready to go back. The house was completed in just over a year, we moved in and now call it our home.  Our older one started school full-time and our younger was entering preschool.  It took me a few weeks to update my resume (which I hadn’t touched since post-college!) and get myself set up on several career sites. Once I felt what I put together was presentable, I submitted my cover letter and resume to numerous postings for which I technically fit their qualifications.  But it felt like I was sending applications to a black hole.

30 Day Challenge Accepted

When I finally got some call-backs, the first comment was usually “So, I see you’re not currently employed?”.  I share my story about deciding to be a temporary stay-at-home-mom, which everyone finds admirable, but I sense the disappointment in their tone.  These calls go no where. When I ask for feedback, the suggestion is … to “look at more entry-level positions instead“.

After months of my ego and my confidence getting shot, I started looking into how to take this challenge and turn it into an opportunity.  I created my own unpaid adult-internship with a local ad agency.  So there I was, in my 30’s, interning because, apparently, I was un-hireable.  The decision to raise my kids killed my career.  Imagine if I stuck to the full 5 years!

Was it worth it? Absolutely.  I was there for every moment for both of my kids. As a mom, you always get the advice about how kids grow up so fast and to cherish the moments.  I did exactly that.  I walked the walk.

Was it easy? Absolutely NOT.  As someone who is career-driven, being a stay-at-home-mom took a toll on my psyche. But I’ll leave that for another post.

Where am I now? With the internship, it put a ‘recent’ line item on my resume and the responses finally started coming in. I still had to share my story to explain how I went from a mid-level manager to an intern, but now employers saw someone who was ambitious.  I got hired.

Employers are missing out on a strong breed of women
by passing over moms looking to return to the workforce.  


Here’s the thing – there’s no person more ambitious than a mom, especially a mom who is looking to take care of her family but also wants to take care of herself.   Employers are missing out on a strong breed of women by passing over moms looking to return to the workforce.  Our priorities are balanced.  Our goals our greater.  Our commitment is stronger.  We are not entry-level.