TREADMILL 28-30/30: Epic Fail (with Challenge Review)


Epic Fail

I wish that was a joke. There I was after Day 27 of this 30 day challenge, one step away from the finish line… and I gave up. Embarrassingly, I’m not even bothering to finish up this 30 Day Treadmill Challenge.  Talk about a FAIL.

30 Day Challenge Accepted Treadmill

The obvious truth is that I plainly lost interest in this challenge.  I could easily blame that things at work and at home got busy (they did!), but that would be lame.  However, although I can’t claim that I’ve kept to an alternate regular exercise routine these past 4-5weeks, I have tried to be less lazy.  I’ve even used the treadmill, but didn’t follow the Refinery29 program. I was simply over this specific program.

“Hills: Run Flat (1) + Incline Run (1) + Walk Flat (1), x6”

“Walk (1) + Run (3), x5”

“Pyramids: Brisk Walk, Increase Pace 0.2 Every Minute to Run (5), Then Reverse, x2”


Review of the Refinery 29’s 30 Day Treadmill Challenge

It’s doable but cumbersome

As mentioned at the half-way mark, the challenge itself is achievable regardless of what fitness level you are.  Whatever speed you consider is a “walk” vs a “run” is up to you.  So, you can challenge yourself further by pushing yourself to a fast speed.  In general, the daily routine was 20-30minutes max, and would get your heart moving. However, the adjustments with speed and/or incline with the short time durations were just annoying.  Having to keep track and manually change the settings messed with my groove.  It just added to my excuses for not wanting to do this challenge.


In closing, here are the goals I listed when I started this challenge:

  • to complete this challenge as close to 30 days as possible
    • unmet
  • to feel comfortable in my clothes again
    • unmet
  • stop being so good at making excuses
    • unmet
  • be more active with my kids
    • partially met
      • I found myself being a bit less lazy with my kids.  This means little things like using our free time to run around at the park or simply walking to school instead of driving.  We do yoga and dance games together, and while the weather is still cooperative, we go for a easy hike.  They have so much energy, and I just try to steal some of it.
  • go beyond 30 days and make exercise part of my lifestyle
    • unmet.
      • Truth is, these daily challenges weren’t enough.  20minutes on a treadmill used to be my warm-up before using machines or  free weights and/or isometric exercises.  You could argue that I should’ve performed this current challenge by making it part of a larger routine, but I wanted to try this as a one-off. Also, its hard enough for me to find a way to steal 30minutes from may days, let alone a full-hour.




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TREADMILL 25-27/30: Why is This Not Over Yet?

Why is This Not Over Yet?

I hate this challenge.

30DayChallengeAccepted Treadmill

Correction – I hate how much I’m failing at this challenge. It’s just embarrassing.  I actually want to end right here and move onto another challenge.  But watch me never complete the next one too! So, I’m going to see this through, despite how disappointed I am in myself.

I already preempted that 30 Days of the Treadmill will be a challenge because I don’t prioritize exercising in my schedule.  I want to. I tried to. But it’s not happening. So Day25-27 took almost two weeks to do (TWO WEEKS?! i had to double check the dates); which is frankly pathetic.

“Walk (2) + Run (2), x5”
Didn’t feel well
Done. Wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

“Rest or Cross Training”
why even bother?

“Walk (1) + Run (2), x6”
i don’t even know how many days I skipped?! Halloween with toddlers is a buzy time (<-lame excuse)


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TREADMILL 22-24/30: Too Many Takes

Too Many Takes Treadmill

After a productive and proud few days at the Challenge, I struggled through the next few days.  With the previous Blogging Challenge I figured out that around the early 20’s is when I usually fail at 30Day Challenges; I called it The Hump.  Maybe because of this mental hurdle, I already prepared myself to give up.  I hate that I’m allowing myself so many “takes”.  But exercising really is a challenge for me. If it took me 7days to complete Day22+23+24, I’m not looking forward to calculating how many days it took me do the 30Day Challenge.

“Rest or Cross Training”
Since I went a few consecutive days at the Treadmill Challenge, my legs were pretty sore. So instead of taking a rest I felt I needed to focus on helping my muscles relax.  Before I started this blog, a 30Day Challenge I attempted was yoga and I found really enjoyed the instructor’s YouTube channel.  I went back to her and found a video she recently posted titled “Yoga for Tired Legs”. It’s like she made it just for me!

“Pyramids: Brisk Walk, Increase Pace 0.1 Every 30Seconds to Run (5), Then Reverse, x2”
take 1
I’d like to blame it on the flu shot, but I would be lying. 💉

take 2
Done! – I prefer to do it at night, but because I felt so guilty skipping yesterday, I shockingly completed this in the morning.

I wish I could input the daily Challenge into the treadmill because having to increase speed by 0.1 every 30seconds manually and keep track of my progress can get difficult especially when I’m at a higher speed and also watching Real Housewives to distract myself from the fact that I’m running .

“Walk Incline (2) + Run Incline (1), x5”
take1 and take2
lazy weekend 😴

had a long day and called it a early night

Yawned my way to the treadmill, but I did it.

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TREADMILL 19-21/30: I Like Doing it at Night

I Like Doing it at Night

I’ve think I may have figured out how to hit this challenge head-on.  During the Blogging Challenge I scheduled a 1-hour time slot every night to write and post.  Now that my blog posts are simply recaps of 3-day period, I use that time to complete the daily Treadmill Challenge instead.

I’m sure there are studies out there that say exercising is better in the morning and not before going to sleep.  But I figure – a dedicated work out at least 1x a day, whenever you happen to fit it in, is better than none at all. Ends up, I like doing it at night.

30 Day Challenge Accepted Treadmill

“Hills: Brisk Walk, Increase Incline 1% Every Minute (5), Then Reverse to 0%, x2”
Done! – this one was fun

“Walk (2) + Run (2), x5”
Done! – hard for me, but I pushed through.

“Walk Flat (2) + Walk Incline (2), x5”
Done! – nice way to end this 3day jaunt.

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