MARRIAGE: Day 22-24 of 30 – This is Boring

This is Boring

30 Day Challenge Accepted Marriage

I don’t know what it says, about me or about this challenge, but Days 22, 23, and 24 were boring to me.  I picked a 30 Day Marriage Challenge that I believed to be realistic, but maybe I should’ve chosen one that was more out-of-the-box and made this more challenging regardless of how impractical some of the tasks seem to be. Anyways, here we go…

Day 22
Assume the best about your husband.

I don’t have to assume.

30 Day Challenge Accepted Mariiage  30 Day Challenge Accepted Marriage 30 Day Challenge Accepted Marriage

Day 23
Treat him with respect today


30 Day Challenge Accepted Marriage

Day 24
Do not interrupt your husband when he’s talking.

I practice what I preach to my kids – don’t interrupt.

30 Day Challenge Accepted Marriage

I don’t have the perfect marriage, but faith, respect, and courtesy are #basic. We wouldn’t still be married if these fundamental elements of a relationship (for any relationship!) didn’t exist.  I hope the next 3 days of the 30 Day Marriage Challenge are more demanding. Stay tuned and find out…


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