BLOGGING 13/30: Yoga for My Brain

BLOGGING Challenge: Day 13 of 30

Yoga for My Brain 30 Day Challenge Accepted 13 As a kid I had a diary – until my brother found it, broke into it, read it and ridiculed me. For a summer I had pen pals.  In middle school and high school I had a notebook with my best friends – instead of passing notes, we would pass our spiral notebook back-and-forth. In college, emails became the norm, and for years that was my main form of communication – long emails with my girlfriends.  Then texting took over, and I can have deep conversations on that too. On day 13 of this Blogging Challenge, I come to realize that I like the process of writing. It’s like yoga for my thoughts – a practice of taking  it in and letting it go.

As a parent, your social life basically revolves around kid’s stuff.  School. Martial Arts. Dance. Music. Sports. Birthday parties. Baby showers. Playdates. I actually make the effort to schedule event-free weekends so we can have boring time at at home, as a family – just us, not having to rush off somewhere.  This weekend was NOT one of those.  But not one night did I make it an excuse not to battle a day of this Blog Challenge.  I wanted to write. I wanted to do my daily exercise.

The practice of gathering my thoughts, figuring out the structure of how to express a message, organizing the sentences so that they’re coherent, and all while attempting to keep a reader’s interest. It’s like a workout for my brain. I warm-up, start slow and then get into it, find my stride, then have to start winding down, stretch, reflect and give appreciation at the end. Namaste. And like a true workout, I feel good once I’m done – once I publish a post.  Even after, I think about how I could improve. And like my previous 12 posts, I know I’ll be reading this one over, and over, making sure I did my best today.


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