BLOGGING 17/30: More “About Me”

BLOGGING Challenge: Day 17 of 30

More “About Me”

Today’s daily task is to focus on the “About Me” page.  It was the first page I wrote, and reading it over now I feel like it’s all still applicable and relevant. As a person who wants to keep my private life private, I think I’m sharing just enough.  There’s actually nothing about my About Me page I want to change.  But don’t readers always want to know more about who’s writing?

My favorite YouTube videos are the Getting to Know Me, Q&A’s, and even What’s in my Purse. I’m nosey!  So today, in keeping with my blog theme, I give you 30 Random Facts About Me I feel safe sharing.

30 Day Challenge Accepted 17

  1. my friends call me V
  2. I’m a Sagittarius
  3. my favorite color is purple
  4. anything on BravoTV is my guilty pleasure
  5. my pet peeve is when the toilet lid isn’t down
  6. my favorite singer is Bruno Mars
  7. the last concert I went to was Beyonce
  8. I believe in music therapy
  9. I prefer shopping for clothes online
  10. I hate wearing high heels but own some fabulous pairs
  11. I’m a low-grade hoarder
  12. I’ve been with my husband (dating+married) for almost 2 decades
  13. we tore down and rebuilt the house I grew up in
  14. I don’t mind driving long distances and prefer to do it at night
  15. I have an oddly good sense of direction which is useful when we’re on vacation
  16. I’ve always wanted 2kids- 1boy/1girl… and that’s what I have now
  17. last year I was a PTA class parent
  18. we’re going to be the TMNT for halloween. I was left with being Raphael – the angry one.
  19. I’m not a dog-lover but wish I were
  20. I wish I were a runner (future 30 Day Challenge?!)
  21. I don’t know how to swim
  22. I don’t like dill, cucumbers, or ginger
  23. I have a major sweet tooth
  24. my hair is always in a mom-bun
  25. I don’t like red wine – chardonnay is my drink of choice.
  26. I was Class President my freshman year of college
  27. I studied abroad for a semester (Hong Kong)
  28. I graduated early from college, unintentionally
  29. I was with my last employer for over 10years
  30. I think I’ve kinda always wanted to blog


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BLOGGING 9/30: How Public Speaking is Helping Me Blog

BLOGGING Challenge: Day 9 of 30

How Public Speaking is Helping Me Blog 

Right now, my fear is public blogging.  Meanwhile, one of people’s biggest fears is public speaking.  It’s defined as “to give a speech to an audience in a structured manner in order to inform, influence, or entertain.”  Pretty similar, no?

One of the most useful courses I completed as an undergrad was Public Speaking.  I took so much away from it, professionally and personally.  You would think that since I’m somewhat comfortable with public speaking, I wouldn’t have an issue with blogging.

30 Day Blogging Challenge 09

As I build my blog and this brand, I’m reminding myself to focus on that confidence I actually have and apply the takeaways from that class toward completing the 30 Day Blogging Challenge.

They’re There for a Reason

If someone goes to hear you speak, or goes to read your blog, something brought them there.  They chose to give you their time. They ARE interested.

No One Wants to See You Fail

Remember that your audience sees part of themselves in you and wants you to perform your best.  Think about when you watch someone giving a speech.  When you see them stumble, you cringe for them. You don’t laugh at them (hopefully!). You send them vibes of encouragement.  When they are amazing, you give a standing ovation.  Remember that your audience is doing the same.

Don’t Lose Your Personality

Don’t let nerves or the need to be “perfect” take away from being relatable. Emotional connection is a basic human desire. When you share genuine feelings in a genuine way, you get back what you give.

Prepare. Practice. Practice. Practice. Present.

If someone is going to give you their time and attention, then you should be doing the same. Take the time to arrange your words, to communicate your message thoughtfully to your audience. If content is king, then context is queen. In business I say, “it’s not about how you want to sell it, it’s about how your consumer wants to buy it.” And finally, when you present… be present.  Don’t just ‘get it over with’.  Follow through and deliver.

I think the best way to end this 30 Day Blogging Challenge post is with a quote on confidence: “The road to confidence is paved by daily accomplishments.” Good luck!


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BLOGGING 8/30: Taking Baby Steps Out of the Blogging Closet

BLOGGING Challenge: Day 8 of 30

Taking Baby Steps Out of the Blogging Closet

While I was drafting yesterday’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge #7  I was also drafting an email to my closest girlfriends finally disclosing to them what I’ve been doing on the side. I don’t know which is scarier – sharing my thoughts to the world [wide web] through a blog or sharing to my friends that I’m blogging.  But some great things happened once I decided to start coming out of the blogging closet.

30 Day Challenge Accepted

As I re-edited my email (for the fiftieth time) a video popped up on my Facebook feed.  My friend came out of her closet – she was also starting her adventure on the internet superhighway via video marketing. She talked about how she has been learning about the power of social media marketing, just returning from a conference on the topic, and her plans to go through training, then ultimately teach and motivate.  She said making the video was out of her comfort zone – but you wouldn’t think it. Her courage pushed me to finally hit ‘send’ on my email. Thank you Jenny Monzon!

Then I procrastinated as I prepared to take my next (big!) baby step – finally posting to the 30 Day Blogging Challenge Facebook group page. I texted my husband (yes, i’m THAT lazy) to tell him how nervous I was, and in his usual straightforward demeanor he responds, “then what’s the point of you being online?”  Touché. (Love him!)

30 Day Challenge Accepted

I knew that I would get encouragement from my friends.  What I didn’t expect was them to say things like “I always thought you should blog”, “You’ve always been a great writer. Finally!”, and thanking me for sharing. Then from Challenge colleagues, comments that they enjoyed my post, that my writing is entertaining, and that what I wrote resonated with them. I’m so surprised and relieved! Now I laugh at myself. Why was I so scared?

The lesson I learned here is that, it’s true – there’s no reward without risk. I should know this by now! The best memories I have in life are the times when I did something out of the box. I’m not trying to change the world, but I have been looking to do something more stimulating than a 9-5. I think I’m finding something here.


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BLOGGING 7/30: Confession: I’m a Closet Blogger

BLOGGING Challenge: Day 7 of 30

Confession: I’m a Closet Blogger

My personal Facebook setting is private. My personal Instagram is private. I’m generally unsocial on social media compared to most. I don’t even do reviews on company websites if they’re going to use my name because I have a unique first name. Yet, part of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge requires me to be ‘public’ in order for it to be successful.

30 Day Blogging Challenge 07

What am I hiding from?


I’ve always been protective of my personal information. Now that I have kids, I feel like I have more at stake to protect. I don’t need strangers knowing details about my life or putting my kids at risk. I want to keep my private life private.  But if someone wants to find out something, there’s no stopping them.


I’ve never needed to have the limelight; if anything, it makes me uncomfortable. I don’t over-share about how wonderful I think my kids are or boast about my marriage or friendships (imo). And I don’t do selfies. Often times I feel myself holding back from posting a particular photo or status because I think I’ll be the only person that finds it entertaining. That’s sort of how I feel about this blog.  But I won’t know if i don’t put myself out there. 


This is admittedly my biggest issue. Although I’ve grown a thicker skin over the years, I still care what people think. As this blog is just beginning, I don’t know what will become of it. I want to wait until I’m 3 challenges deep before I start telling my friends and family, “Guess what! I started a blog. Check it out.”  It’s like waiting until you’re in the second trimester before you start sharing the news that you’re expecting. But if I’m already prepared to fail, then I’m not prepared to succeed. 


Am I paranoid? Are there any bloggers out there that are incognito – that keep their personal persona completely separate from their blog? Or it is a given – if you want to blog, you have to expose who you are and be ready to take a headshot?


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