BLOGGING 25/30: It’s Never Too Late

BLOGGING Challenge: Day 25 of 30

It’s Never Too Late

here’s part 2 of my story…

My Lesson on Quitting

When I asked my daughter if she wanted to quit piano, her confused reaction surprised me.  I realized up until that point, I had never given her the option.  She’s never asked to stop.  I’ve never told her she could stop. I was relieved when she answered “no”.  Once I realized  the impact of what I suggested, I quickly told her that I wish I never quit when I was a kid.

I thought back to all the activities I attempted.  Things my mom probably encouraged and supported because I either expressed an interest or she saw potential (just like I’m doing with my kids) – piano, violin, singing, volleyball, track&field.  I didn’t excel at any of them.  In all cases, I quit.

In this less-than-1-minute-conversaton I was having with my 6-year-old, I was scared I was setting her up to inherit my quitting gene.

On Day24 of my 30 Day Blogging Challenge, I shared this thought – maybe I haven’t found my passion because in my younger years I was busy being lazy.  This laziness, it seems, eventually caused me to quit most of the opportunities I had laid out in front of me.  Not until college did I finally get my act together and start realizing some of my potential.  But, was it too late? I now know my potential, but I still don’t know my passion.

I know people say “it’s never too late”. And maybe I believe it too, and that’s why I do 30 Day Challenges.

It’s also said that lazy people are geniuses.  I’ll believe that too.


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