KINDNESS: Day 1-3/30 – Oops


I didn’t complete any of the Days’ challenges. But I tried…

Day 1
“Put extra change in a meter that’s about to run out.”

Maybe it’s because I live in a major city, but “putting change into a meter” doesn’t exist here anymore. I wish it were that easy, because I’d cover a whole block.  Alas, I had to let today’s task pass because it wasn’t a possibility.  Surely, I could’ve found a way around it, like buying a parking ticket for a stranger as I saw them pulling into a spot.  Or pass my ticket on if I had time remaining – which I’ve done many times before.

However, today gave me other opportunities to be “kind”.  While on the subway, a blind homeless lady asking for change was approaching us. My husband saw me watching her and then asked if I had any quarters.  Instead, I pulled out a bill.  With that he proceeded to pull out his wallet and gave his own money instead.  Not hearing a clink in her cup, she smiled and gave such a grateful ‘thank you’. (PS. He doesn’t know I’m doing this challenge.  This goes to show – kindness is contagious.)

Day 2
“Pay for the order for the person behind you in line.”

I would’ve done this, but I knew the guy behind me on line and and could foresee the side-eye looks I would get from his wife at our kids’ pick-up in the future. Instead, I bought a gift card and planned to leave it with a note on a stranger’s car.  However, I didn’t see it happening today because 100% rain was in the forecast. So, in an attempt to fulfill today’s task I offered to cover my coworkers lunch. She declined, as usual.  So, while today’s kindness act didn’t happen, the intention was there.  Twice. That counts, right?

Day 3
“Sit with someone who is eating alone.”

Simply said, this is impossible task for today.  Breakfast I ate at home. Today’s lunch was a holiday party with the company I used to work with. And dinner was our weekly family dinner at the in-laws.  Honestly though, I probably wouldn’t have done this anyway unless an obvious comfortable opportunity presented itself – like someone looked lonely and seemed to want company.

In other ways I showed “kindness”, which I’m a bit confused about because I also perceive them to be acts of common courtesy.  Examples – holding the door for someone, letting someone merge in front of you on the road, saying thank you for a menial task, smiling when making eye contact with a stranger – all things I did today, but also do every day.  The only thing out of the norm that happened was that I put the gift card on the car parked behind me with this note:

Have your next coffee on me!
Day 2 of 30 Days of Kindness
Happy Holidays.

30 Day Challenge Accepted Kindness

Following the PopSugar 30 Days Kindness Challenge exactly has been tougher than I thought. Notice, I didn’t complete any of the tasks! However, I was more aware of opportunities and slowed down to think, ‘how can I make this person’s day a little better?’  There’s a moment in the book 29 Gifts where Cami Walker says that she purposely doesn’t follow a guideline or checklist because wants her gifts to be organic:

When you give from a place of service, honesty and fullness, you are left feeling revitalized.
When you give from a place of responsibility and obligation, you negate the gift and nothing changes.

This is why even though I didn’t do exactly what this challenge is asking of me, I consider my tasks completed because my heart is in the right place.

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