BLOGGING 25/30: It’s Never Too Late

BLOGGING Challenge: Day 25 of 30

It’s Never Too Late

here’s part 2 of my story…

My Lesson on Quitting

When I asked my daughter if she wanted to quit piano, her confused reaction surprised me.  I realized up until that point, I had never given her the option.  She’s never asked to stop.  I’ve never told her she could stop. I was relieved when she answered “no”.  Once I realized  the impact of what I suggested, I quickly told her that I wish I never quit when I was a kid.

I thought back to all the activities I attempted.  Things my mom probably encouraged and supported because I either expressed an interest or she saw potential (just like I’m doing with my kids) – piano, violin, singing, volleyball, track&field.  I didn’t excel at any of them.  In all cases, I quit.

In this less-than-1-minute-conversaton I was having with my 6-year-old, I was scared I was setting her up to inherit my quitting gene.

On Day24 of my 30 Day Blogging Challenge, I shared this thought – maybe I haven’t found my passion because in my younger years I was busy being lazy.  This laziness, it seems, eventually caused me to quit most of the opportunities I had laid out in front of me.  Not until college did I finally get my act together and start realizing some of my potential.  But, was it too late? I now know my potential, but I still don’t know my passion.

I know people say “it’s never too late”. And maybe I believe it too, and that’s why I do 30 Day Challenges.

It’s also said that lazy people are geniuses.  I’ll believe that too.


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BLOGGING 11/30: My Motivation: A Tutu-Wearing Rock Climber

BLOGGING Challenge: Day 11 of 30

My Motivation: A Tutu-Wearing Rock Climber

Sure, there are things my daughter is scared of, or pretends to be scared of, like any typical kid –  lighting storms, dark rooms, strangers, and new food.  But otherwise, she’s the bravest little person I know.

30 Day Challenge Accepted 11

Today while at the playground watching her swing across the monkey bars (then up the rock wall, then through a rope wall) with such ease, I remembered an Instagram post from a few weeks back.  It was a photo of her in a tutu, rock climbing… my caption: “When I need inspiration or motivation, I just need to look at my tutu-wearing rock-climbing daughter.” She is the reason I want to better myself and look for ways to explore ways to improve, like doing 30 Day Challenges.

As a toddler, climbing furniture and jumping from anything with height, there was little that would stop her.  She didn’t think anything would hurt her.  Even now, when we challenge her brain or braun, she goes in with unrestraint and majestic confidence. If she does get hurt, after the tears dry up, she shows off her new booboo to whoever will listen – proud of how she got it.

Inevitably as she goes through her childhood and the teen years this will slowly be replaced with insecurities, peer pressure, and the expectancy to conform. It makes me wish I could bottle this fearlessness up and make her drink it later in life when she has moments of self-doubt.  Heck, I want a sip of it now.


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