DECLUTTER: Day 16-18 of 30 – This is a Disaster

This is a Disaster

The next days’ tasks were just like the previous ones – not challenging.

Day 16 “Cupboard with pots & pans”
Total Time: 3 minutes. Total items donated: 0

I love having my pots and pots drawers right under my range. It’s easy access.

30 Day Challenge Accepted Declutter
30 Day Challenge Accepted Declutter 30 Day Challenge Accepted Declutter
30 Day Challenge Accepted Declutter 30 Day Challenge Accepted Declutter

Day 17 “DVDs”
Total Time: 0 minutes
what are DVDs? Kidding, not kidding.




What Happened?

  • My clutter didn’t need as much decluttering as I anticipated
  • These posts required photos. I’m not not a photo-person. Mostly because I like to keep my private life private. But I hope you enjoyed some sneak peeks of my home.
  • There was nothing exciting to report. How much can I write about reorganizing my already organized closets?
  • I have to be in a zone to clean. Forcing myself to tackle a small part of my closet was inefficient. I’d rather spend hours and clean the whole house; music blasting with the kids out of my way.

DECLUTTER: Day 4-6 of 30 – Cleaners Remorse

Cleaners Remorse

Cleaning my own space is fine. I actually enjoy it. Call me Monica Geller. So, Day 4 and 5 went smooth.  Then I went off-track and cleaned a dreaded space not on the 30 Day Declutter Challenge list… my daughter’s bedroom.  Between the Shopkins and 101 gel pens, I regretted it as soon as we started.

Day 4 – “Bedroom Nightstands”
Total Time: 20 minutes. Total items for donation: 0

Yes, please! Such an eyesore that needed attention.


 30 Day Challenge Accepted Declutter

Let’s take a look inside. (Anyone else an Ipsy subscriber?)

30 Day Challenge Accepted Declutter

Day 5 – “Bathroom Drawers & Shower”
Total Time: 40 minutes. Total items for donation: 0

Shower is pretty bare as it is. The wall shelf is mine and I use every single thing.  The stuff on the floor is my husband and kids and only one bottle was empty. Same for my side of our dual-vanity sink.

 30 Day Challenge Accepted Declutter

However, my collection of hotel toiletries and miscellaneous goodies is a mess.  It took some time to figure out what was expired, and then to reorganize under the sink and the drawers.


Day 6 – “Linen Closet”
Attempt 1 – Skipped

I don’t have a linen closet and the spaces were we do kept our linens are minimal. I have a pretty simple system for our master bathroom… I buy everything in white. It sounds a bit like a sterile hospital, but it helps streamline making our bed (not having to find matching sets).  The kids have the colorful towels and their bedsheets are neutral colors that can be mixed and matched. I find buying bedsheets a boring ordeal, so our inventory is already minimal.

Attempt 2 – My daughter’s entire bedroom
Total Time: 5 hours!!!!  Total items for donation: an entire bag of little toys

WHY?! Why did I decide to lose my entire Sunday to helping my almost-7-year-old clean her room and then kick her out so I could just throw things out without her showing me signs of being a hoarder. Since I went into this unplanned I don’t have Before photos, but here are After photos.

IKEA hacked corner desk
30 Day Challenge Accepted Declutter
Future purse/shoe closet. For now… home for all her toys.
Reminders (white board wall decal)

DECLUTTER: Day 1-3 of 30 – I’m Clean!

I’m Clean!

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the task of decluttering.  By picking a challenge defined as “30 minutes a day”, I felt a lot of pressure taken off myself.  Days 1, 2 and 3 were spent in my Master Closet where I expected I’d need to focus much of my energy, however it ends up I’m cleaner than I thought and the process was quick and painless.

Day 1 – “Bedroom Dresser”
Total Time: 45 minutes. Total Items for Donation: 3 bags.

Keep in mind that my master walk-in is a shared closet with my husband.  My side is the left, his the right.  And despite a short-term career folding clothes at The GAP when he was a teenager, he usually leaves his clothes on the floor.

30 Day Challenge Accepted Declutter 30 Day Challenge Accepted Declutter 

Here’s a peak inside my drawers.  Have you read “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo? I haven’t, but I did watch YouTube videos and have found her folding method very useful and especially efficient when getting dressed – it’s nice to see every item in your drawer.

30 Day Challenge Accepted Declutter

Day 2 – “Bedroom Closet – Hanging Clothes”
Total Time: 20 minutes . Total Items for Donation: 1 sweater

I’m not touching my husband’s clothes.  He’s a bit of a metrosexual and I dare not decide what stays and what goes from his side of the closet. The great thing about today’s task is that I found a lot of empty hangers; not that there’s room for new things to hang. Especially since I only got rid of one cardigan.


  30 Day Challenge Accepted Declutter

Day 3 – “Bedroom Closet – Folded Clothes”
Total Time: 20 minutes. Totals Items for Donation: 8 t-shirts

Tonight I only focused on my t-shirts and tank-tops section. (In Day 2’s photo there’s also folded clothes but those are seasonal items and will be swapped out soon.)  The great part about our shelving system is that I’m able to adjust our shelves as my collection of clothes I barely wear changes year-to-year. You can’t tell in the picture, but I did give my tanks on the bottom shelf more ceiling height.


  30 Day Challenge Accepted Declutter

Like a large purse, the more space I have – the more junk I will fit in it.  So, while having a walk-in closet is a luxury, I’m glad that ours is on the smaller side and shared. Sharing it with my husband forces me to be mindful and considerate of his space.  I designed our cabinets and shelves at and it’s customized to our needs; including built-in hampers. I highly recommend their system if you’re in the market.  I pride myself on being handy and am proud to say that I installed all this on my own.

DECLUTTER: Day 0 – Spring Clearing

Spring Clearing

It’s April. It’s raining. The dirty snow outside is finally getting washed away. But the mess inside my house will remain the same unless I do something about it. I don’t want to do a typical spring cleaning, I want to do a 2017 clearing.

30 Day Challenge Accepted Declutter

The hubby, kids and I moved into this house only two years ago, but we quickly added to the clutter that we brought over from our small apartment.  And just the past two weeks I’ve been traveling, then had back-to-back dinners upon my return.  So I have yet to unpack, let alone bring the house back to order.

30 Day Challenge Accepted Declutter

The 30 Day Declutter I chose was found off Pinterest. I don’t know who created it originally, but the blog that referenced it is: and I decided on this one because it said “30 minutes”.  Any challenge the next 30 days will be tough because I start a new full-time job this week, so if the idea is to complete it in 30minutes I’m all-in.

Status Quo:

  • I’m an organized mess
    • I have slight OCD.  I don’t clean things up right away, but I know where everything is.
  • I’m a low-grade hoarder
    • there’s always a chance I might need it
  • My husband is oblivious
    • unless it smells, he probably won’t notice


  • To complete this within 40 days (I have to be reasonable)
  • to have a box full of items to donate
  • find better ways to stay organized