TREADMILL 13-15/30: Finally, Half Way!

Finally, Half Way! 


Took way too long to get this point, but I’m so relieved to finally be here.  And right before I have to leave for the beach wedding.  Hoping the last 15days are more successful than my attempt at the first 15days of this challenge.

Day 13
“Walk (2) + Run (1), x5”

Turning this struggle bus around. Did it. Done!👊

Day 14
“Rest or Cross Training”

No, thanks! Rode that struggle bus too long on Days 10-12.  Skipping to Day15… ✌️

Day 15
“Walk Flat (2) + Walk Incline (1), x6”

Did it. Done! 🙅

Here is my half-way point review of the Refinery29 30 Day Treadmill Challenge.

  1. The hardest thing so far about this challenge is making the time for it.   Unlike the Blogging challenge where I could set aside an hour every night to write, I can’t seem to find a consistent time to exercise.
  2. Unlike writing, which I effortlessly enjoy, I don’t enjoy exercise and really need to find motivation to get on the treadmill.  However, similar to writing, I love how accomplished I feel afterwards.
  3. The challenge itself is like having an editorial calendar since it’s all laid out in the Refinery29 post, so theres no thought about what I have to do each subsequent day.  However, I did have to reformat their chart so it would require less thought while in the middle of a workout, trying to keep track of adjusting the incline or speed as required.
  4. The workouts themselves are are do-able. You can adjust the ‘walk’ and ‘run’ degree-of-difficulty to your comfort level, so the Challenge is designed for any type of athelete, beginner to avid, and extremely friendly to a non-athelete (me).

I’m ready to get the last 15days under my belt and working to meet my goal to take this beyond just 30 days.


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