BLOGGING 20/30: I’ve Never Really Dated

BLOGGING Challenge: Day 20 of 30

I’ve Never Really Dated

So I missed putting up a post yesterday, but for good reason.  After a full day at the office and a late dinner, I had to complete a job interview task which took me time to prepare and send. I was honestly bummed that I didn’t have enough hours in the day to also fit in a 30 Day Blogging Challenge post, but alas, I needed sleep to deal with my little boy who has decided that he doesn’t need sleep. As I go through another interview process, I often compare it to dating.  Which is ironic since I never really dated.

30 Day Challenge Accepted 20

As I mentioned in my 30 Random Facts post, I’ve been with my guy for almost two decades. So my brief experience with real-life grown-up dating was right before college with the guy who is now my husband, and we were barely grown ups.

I do, however, have plenty of girlfriends and have lived the dating life vicariously through them.  The searching. The meeting. The getting-to-know you.  The lust.  The (maybe) love.  The possibilities. The ambivalence. The heartbreak.  The end.  The letting go.  The looking back and laughing about it. Since trying to get back into the workplace after taking time off to be a stay-at-home mom, I feel dating and job searching are similar quests.

During my time “alone” (without a job), I worked on myself.  I took classes, exercised (my brain) and worked at improving myself. I searched and searched (job sites).  I created a (LinkedIn) profile of myself that made me look both intelligent and attractive (as a potential employee). I’ve had phone and face-to-face “dates” (interviews).  I  decided to commit to one (job) because it seemed perfect.  I “dated” it for two months and realized that we weren’t a good fit and that I didn’t see myself in it for the long run.  So, I had to break up with it.  It was a very hard decision and I felt very embarrassed,  but we had a talk (and I gave my letter of resignation). We’re taking it slow though with the good-bye and I still go back a few days a week (they asked me to freelance).  But… I’m officially on the hunt again.

Sometimes I feel like blogging is my mistress.


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