KINDNESS: Day 13-15/30 – Half Way Because I’m a Cheater

Half Way Because I’m a Cheater

I feel like a cheater. This 30 Day Kindness Challenge by PopSugar has been easy, but because haven’t been following each day’s challenge to the T and still counting it as ‘completed’.  I’m going to prove it again right now with Day 13, 14 and 15…

30DayChallengeAccepted Kindness

Day 13
“Bring treats to the office and share with all your co-workers.”

Definitely going to do this, but not today because it’s the weekend.  It’s also my birthday and fulfilling my old-lady wishes, my husband, kids and I are staying home in pjs, all day, doing absolutely nothing. I’ve never been one to plan a celebration for myself or enjoy the spotlight, regardless of what day or milestone it is. I’ve even hidden my birthday on my social media profiles.

I would prefer to be a complete hermit and go device-free for a day, but I can’t ignore the well wishes from family and friends who remember.  So while it sounds effortless, my act of kindness was to thank each and every person who sent me a happy birthday message via Facebook, Instagram, text, etc. because while I don’t want the attention, I appreciate it.

Day 14
“Donate blood, or sign up to be an organ donor.”

I haven’t donated blood in so long. I used to do it all the time in my 20s, so I’m very happy to do this.  I easily found a local donation center and set up my appointment for Day15. I’m so excited. Wish I looked into this before!

Now onto Day14’s act of kindness.  It was through my daughter and comes with a little story:

Her martial arts school was having an Nerf War event and admission was one toy – a donation towards their toy drive. She wanted to go and I wanted her to go, but I was also nervous because she would be on the small side compared to the big kids from the older classes. Unfortunately I let my fears get the best of her. The morning of, she decides she no longer wants to go and it broke my heart. I felt like the worst mom in the world.  Then she quickly mended it back together when she asks if she could still go to at least drop off the toy for a kid in need. This happy ending continues…

I said we could go only if she could try to participate for at least 5 minutes and if she felt comfortable to give me the thumbs up and stay. She never gave me the thumbs up because as soon as she got on the mat, she was off having fun with her (taller) friends.

Day 15
“Help someone carry their bags.”

Found no one to help carry bags for, but I went for my blood donation this morning and also scheduled myself up for a plasma donation next month. I’m so happy to know this center exists because now I don’t have to wait around until I see a sign for a blood drive.

I mentioned on Day 0 that I was afraid this challenge wouldn’t be much of a challenge. I mentioned on Day1-3 that I was already cheating on the challenge. I mentioned it on Day7-9 that perhaps because I’m a mom, some of these tasks are standard operating procedure.  I mentioned on Day10-12 that some acts of kindness are on rotation. Now here I am, halfway at Day 15, still cheating away.  But what this challenge has done so far is made me aware of the day going by and realizing that I haven’t thought about someone else’s needs or feelings (beyond acts of common courtesy). That in itself puts a drive in me that I feel I’ve been missing. That I’ve needed.


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TREADMILL 28-30/30: Epic Fail (with Challenge Review)


Epic Fail

I wish that was a joke. There I was after Day 27 of this 30 day challenge, one step away from the finish line… and I gave up. Embarrassingly, I’m not even bothering to finish up this 30 Day Treadmill Challenge.  Talk about a FAIL.

30 Day Challenge Accepted Treadmill

The obvious truth is that I plainly lost interest in this challenge.  I could easily blame that things at work and at home got busy (they did!), but that would be lame.  However, although I can’t claim that I’ve kept to an alternate regular exercise routine these past 4-5weeks, I have tried to be less lazy.  I’ve even used the treadmill, but didn’t follow the Refinery29 program. I was simply over this specific program.

“Hills: Run Flat (1) + Incline Run (1) + Walk Flat (1), x6”

“Walk (1) + Run (3), x5”

“Pyramids: Brisk Walk, Increase Pace 0.2 Every Minute to Run (5), Then Reverse, x2”


Review of the Refinery 29’s 30 Day Treadmill Challenge

It’s doable but cumbersome

As mentioned at the half-way mark, the challenge itself is achievable regardless of what fitness level you are.  Whatever speed you consider is a “walk” vs a “run” is up to you.  So, you can challenge yourself further by pushing yourself to a fast speed.  In general, the daily routine was 20-30minutes max, and would get your heart moving. However, the adjustments with speed and/or incline with the short time durations were just annoying.  Having to keep track and manually change the settings messed with my groove.  It just added to my excuses for not wanting to do this challenge.


In closing, here are the goals I listed when I started this challenge:

  • to complete this challenge as close to 30 days as possible
    • unmet
  • to feel comfortable in my clothes again
    • unmet
  • stop being so good at making excuses
    • unmet
  • be more active with my kids
    • partially met
      • I found myself being a bit less lazy with my kids.  This means little things like using our free time to run around at the park or simply walking to school instead of driving.  We do yoga and dance games together, and while the weather is still cooperative, we go for a easy hike.  They have so much energy, and I just try to steal some of it.
  • go beyond 30 days and make exercise part of my lifestyle
    • unmet.
      • Truth is, these daily challenges weren’t enough.  20minutes on a treadmill used to be my warm-up before using machines or  free weights and/or isometric exercises.  You could argue that I should’ve performed this current challenge by making it part of a larger routine, but I wanted to try this as a one-off. Also, its hard enough for me to find a way to steal 30minutes from may days, let alone a full-hour.




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TREADMILL 13-15/30: Finally, Half Way!

Finally, Half Way! 


Took way too long to get this point, but I’m so relieved to finally be here.  And right before I have to leave for the beach wedding.  Hoping the last 15days are more successful than my attempt at the first 15days of this challenge.

Day 13
“Walk (2) + Run (1), x5”

Turning this struggle bus around. Did it. Done!👊

Day 14
“Rest or Cross Training”

No, thanks! Rode that struggle bus too long on Days 10-12.  Skipping to Day15… ✌️

Day 15
“Walk Flat (2) + Walk Incline (1), x6”

Did it. Done! 🙅

Here is my half-way point review of the Refinery29 30 Day Treadmill Challenge.

  1. The hardest thing so far about this challenge is making the time for it.   Unlike the Blogging challenge where I could set aside an hour every night to write, I can’t seem to find a consistent time to exercise.
  2. Unlike writing, which I effortlessly enjoy, I don’t enjoy exercise and really need to find motivation to get on the treadmill.  However, similar to writing, I love how accomplished I feel afterwards.
  3. The challenge itself is like having an editorial calendar since it’s all laid out in the Refinery29 post, so theres no thought about what I have to do each subsequent day.  However, I did have to reformat their chart so it would require less thought while in the middle of a workout, trying to keep track of adjusting the incline or speed as required.
  4. The workouts themselves are are do-able. You can adjust the ‘walk’ and ‘run’ degree-of-difficulty to your comfort level, so the Challenge is designed for any type of athelete, beginner to avid, and extremely friendly to a non-athelete (me).

I’m ready to get the last 15days under my belt and working to meet my goal to take this beyond just 30 days.


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BLOGGING 2/30: There’s a 30 Day Challenge for EVERYTHING!

BLOGGING Challenge: Day 2 of 30

There’s a 30 Day Challenge for EVERYTHING!

On Day1 I explained why I wanted to do another 30 Day Challenge.  In this post I tell you how I decide between the Blogging Challenges – because yes, there are multiples ones to choose from.


Blogging wasn’t my first choice. I follow one blogger and watch a lot of YouTube. I thoroughly read a blog post only if I’m searching for something specific, treating them as completely credible reviews. My search was one that I’ve typed in many times before: “30 Day Challenges”. The usual spit back at me; all fitness – squats, abs, beachbody, butt, burpees, flat abs, planks, arms. Is Google trying to tell me something?

So I skipped to SERP page 3 and things started to get more interesting. Challenges start to range from fun lists of Instagram photos to touchy daily spiritual practices. Then I fell upon a 30 Day Blogging Challenge. I wanted to know more.

Here’s my background:

  • I don’t read blogs regularly and don’t know the standard practice.
  • I am not a writer by trade, or an english, journalism, publishing or communications major. But I hope my business degrees in marketing count for something. (I’ve always been complimented on my memos and emails!)
  • I had a blog once that I kept during my pregnancies, only accessible by my family. After four years, it was a struggle to keep alive, but I love going back to it and reading about what we did. I wish I kept it going.
  • I’m not tech savvy, but my husband is.

There were three 30 Day Blogging Challenges I compared:

Why did I choose to attempt Sark eMedia’s program?

  1. it’s truly completely free of costs
  2. the focus is not about monetizing your blog, but growth and depth of content
  3. I’m a complete noob and need a friendly and supportive environment.
  4. Run by blogger couple, The Arrows, Sarah and Kevin (= Sark)

My initial idea was to share my experiences doing 30 Day Challenges. What better than my first challenge be blogging, and what better program than one that was created by a bloggers who are still the face of the program to-date.


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