MARRIAGE: Day 25-27 of 30 – This Lacks Excitement

This Lacks Excitement

30 Day Challenge Accepted Marriage

I tried to be more positive with Days 25, 26 and 27 of the 30 Day Marriage Challenge but I can’t help but still feel bored with these tasks.  At least they’re are a bit more interactive.

Day 25
Ask your husband’s opinion on something. 

Sure I ask for my husband’s opinion, but it’s supposed to be the same as mine.
Kidding! (Not kidding.)

I had a simple question this Saturday – “What do you want to do with the kids today?” And I went along with his suggestion, no arguments. It’s actually nice to not be a planner/coordinator once in awhile.

Day 26
Encourage your husband.

I’m leaving in a few days and will be gone for a week. So today I gave him a run-down of the kids’ daily schedule, which is different every single day. And I encouraged him that he will be a great substitute mom. But honestly, good luck!

Day 27
Do something for his health – ie. eat better and exercise together. 

One of our biggest struggles is deciding what to eat and the worst part is that neither of us cooks.  He usually ends up ordering Chinese take-out for himself, while the kids and I survive on whatever I whip up.  Tonight, I told him to pick any baked chicken recipe he wants me to attempt and I cooked for him. That alone is already a healthier option than fried chicken with white rice.

I’m bummed that I’m looking forward to this challenge to be over. I was really excited to do a Marriage challenge and my excitement has waned with each passing day.  On the bright side, great things are going on here at home that we don’t really need these tasks to test our marriage’s strength.

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MARRIAGE: Day 22-24 of 30 – This is Boring

This is Boring

30 Day Challenge Accepted Marriage

I don’t know what it says, about me or about this challenge, but Days 22, 23, and 24 were boring to me.  I picked a 30 Day Marriage Challenge that I believed to be realistic, but maybe I should’ve chosen one that was more out-of-the-box and made this more challenging regardless of how impractical some of the tasks seem to be. Anyways, here we go…

Day 22
Assume the best about your husband.

I don’t have to assume.

30 Day Challenge Accepted Mariiage  30 Day Challenge Accepted Marriage 30 Day Challenge Accepted Marriage

Day 23
Treat him with respect today


30 Day Challenge Accepted Marriage

Day 24
Do not interrupt your husband when he’s talking.

I practice what I preach to my kids – don’t interrupt.

30 Day Challenge Accepted Marriage

I don’t have the perfect marriage, but faith, respect, and courtesy are #basic. We wouldn’t still be married if these fundamental elements of a relationship (for any relationship!) didn’t exist.  I hope the next 3 days of the 30 Day Marriage Challenge are more demanding. Stay tuned and find out…


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