Being Content Equals No Content

It’s been so long since I posted or even logged into this blog. I thought back to why I started this website a year ago. I was in a totally different place. An admittedly unhappy place. Doing 30 Day Challenges was to help me get out of my rut.

Good news: it worked.
Bad news: I’m a horrible blogger.

30 Day Challenge Accepted

A year ago, I wrote about how I needed to discover something – anything – about myself. At 35 years old, I hadn’t figured out what made me special.  Have I figured it out? Not really, but I’m very happy with where I am.  I’m content. But as a result, I have no content to blog because I’ve been busy enjoying life and have no motivation to do a 30 Day Challenge.

A quick update is that I landed my dream job. I have the balance of office-life and home-life that I knew existed for the type of working mom I want to be. I’m happy.

But, there’s always room for self-discovery and improvement so I hope to find a 30 Day Challenge to motivate to me continue blogging. Recommendations?