Being Content Equals No Content

It’s been so long since I posted or even logged into this blog. I thought back to why I started this website a year ago. I was in a totally different place. An admittedly unhappy place. Doing 30 Day Challenges was to help me get out of my rut.

Good news: it worked.
Bad news: I’m a horrible blogger.

30 Day Challenge Accepted

A year ago, I wrote about how I needed to discover something – anything – about myself. At 35 years old, I hadn’t figured out what made me special.  Have I figured it out? Not really, but I’m very happy with where I am.  I’m content. But as a result, I have no content to blog because I’ve been busy enjoying life and have no motivation to do a 30 Day Challenge.

A quick update is that I landed my dream job. I have the balance of office-life and home-life that I knew existed for the type of working mom I want to be. I’m happy.

But, there’s always room for self-discovery and improvement so I hope to find a 30 Day Challenge to motivate to me continue blogging. Recommendations?

KINDNESS: Day 0/30 – Tis the Season

Tis the Season

Inspired by a comment left by Irene of when I was finishing my first 30Day Challenge (Blogging) and was deciding on the next challenge to tackle, she mentioned a book, 29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life by Cami Walker.  Since then, I was looking forward to doing a challenge focused on giving to others in a non-monetary manner.

30 Day Challenge Accepted Kindness

However the book, narrated by a 31-year young women diagnosed with MS just one-month after her wedding who follows the advice to heal by focusing on other people instead of herself through the act of giving, is more of a memoir than a how-to. So, I needed to find myself a chart to use as a guideline.

When a Google search on “30 Days of Gifting” failed, I finally found this on Pinterest  – Popsugar’s 30 Day Kindness Challenge “designed to have you take time out of each day to do something for someone else — and hopefully they will pay it forward to the next person”. Perfect!

I read the daily tasks and was happily surprised to note that I already do many of the things listed.  I realize that perhaps I’m nicer than I give myself credit for!  Now, especially with the holiday season underway, I’m afraid this challenge might not be much of a challenge.  However, there’s always room for more kindness – particularly in this day and age – so I’m doing this!

My background
– I just figured out I’m already doing a lot of these “nice” things.
– Most of my routines involve just the kids and me with little contact with strangers, so finding people (aside from my kids) to be kind to might be difficult some days.
– I’m not a stranger to volunteering my time

My goals
– to complete this in 30days flat
– to find out-of-the-box acts of kindness




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