SLEEP: Day 28-30 of 30 – Best Decision I Made – Challenge COMPLETED!

Best Decision I Made

Taking on the 30 Day Sleep Challenge was a last-minute decision.  For most adults, getting the recommended 7-9 hours of a sleep doesn’t seem that difficult, but I’ve always been the person who was more productive at night… so even the thought of going to bed before 1:30am seemed impossible.

Especially now that I’m a parent, I procrastinate on personal tasks, pushing them to the hours after my kids have gone to sleep.  However, because I’m a mom, these hours are even more limited because I have to maintain a home.  But running on EMPTY was taking a toll on me. I needed a change.

30 Day Challenge Accepted Sleep

As I finished up Day 28, 29, and 30 of the Sleep Challenge, I cannot believe the changes that have easily happened in the past month.  I have gotten more sleep than I have had in years.  My body adjusted quickly to the new bedtime (12:00pm).  I’ve stopped hitting the snooze button.  And while I don’t feel more energetic physically, my brain doesn’t feel like a blob sloshing in my head.  Sure, our house isn’t spotless (truth: it never was!). There are still dishes in the sink and I haven’t clean laundry I have yet to fold. But I’m still taking care of work that needs to get done, and more importantly… I’m taking better care of me.

Day 28
1:30am – 9:30am + 5pm cat nap (8 hours), Snooze: 0x

I wish it was a lazy Sunday, but as with most weekend my social calendar is taking my kids to their socializing events.  I have no social calendar. This was also the reason for the cat nap I snuck in while the kids played with their cousins.

Day 29
12:30am – 7:15am (6 hours, 45 minutes), Snooze: 0x

The excitement of the superbowl is the reason I went to bed a little later than usual.  But I popped out of bed in the morning.  The sun was shining bright and I am ready for this week.

Day 30
12:00am – 7:15am (7 hours, 15 minutes), Snooze: 0x

My daughter woke me up at 2am asking if I could go lay with her in her bed. I slept walked my way to her bedroom and it was probably better because the husband was snoring up a storm.

So although the Sleep Challenge wasn’t on the top of my list, it was the best decision I made.  Now my beloved latte isn’t wishful thinking to improve my day, it’s a reward… which already makes for a better day. Cheers!

My Goals were:

  • ✔️sleep at least 7hours a night for 30days, with the ultimate goal to get 8 hours
    • The average for the past 30 days was 7.31 hours of sleep a night. 😴
    • I can’t get a steady 8 hours because that would leave me with no time to do the things I do when I’m not with the kids 💻
  • ✔️finish this challenge as close to 30days as possible
    • as a night owl, this challenge was surprisingly easy… probably because I desperately needed it. 🤤
  • ✔️eliminate sleep distractions for good
    • still laugh at the fact that the simple act of putting my phone in a different room was all it took 👋🏼📱
  • ✔️find ways to induce sleep
    • didn’t need to. I was so ready for sleep each night 🛌
  • ✖️become a better morning person
    • that’s a different challenge altogether 😝

Let’s take a look at how my Status Quo has changed:

  • My current bedtime is ~1:30am 12:00am and I’m up and struggling by 7:30am at ’em at 7:15am.
  • I have a very difficult time falling asleep, unlike my husband who snoozes as soon as his head hits the pillow
  • I’m not a morning person. I hit snooze a few times before I finally roll out of bed.
  • I usually (accidentally) take power nap when I’m putting my younger one down for his nap [still true. i can’t help it.]
  • On weekends, my family let’s me sleep in and I don’t wake up until almost 11:00am 10:00am
  • I love my bed [or any bed really. i think the major preference is sleeping solo.]


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SLEEP: Day 25-27 of 30 – Too Excited to Sleep

Too Excited to Sleep

Since I started the 30 Day Sleep Challenge I’ve been shocked at how I’ve been able to fall asleep so quickly by simply putting my tempting phone far away from me.  I notoriously had trouble falling asleep, and my solution before used to be sleeping in the opposite direction (head where my feet are) or in a different place altogether (usually the basement because it’s pitch dark).

On Days 4-6 I spoke about being stressed and using the emotional exhaustion to fall asleep. On Day 25, 26 and 27 these stress factors still exist, but the reason I couldn’t fall asleep is because I was excited. After a year on the journey to get myself back on the career track, I got the phone call I’ve been waiting for.  The interview was scheduled rather quickly, which is probably better because I had less days to ponder what to say and how to say it, what to ask and how not too seem too excited.  This is not a bad reason not to be able to fall asleep.

30 Day Challenge Accepted Sleep

Day 25
12:30am – 7:15am (6 hours, 45 minutes), Snooze: 0x

Got into bed at 12:00am but didn’t fall asleep right away.

Day 26
12:30am – 7:15am (6 hours, 45 minutes), Snooze: 0x

Got into bed at 12:00am but didn’t fall asleep right away, again.

Day 27
1:00am – 8:30am (7 hours, 30 minutes), Snooze: 1x

Knocked out and only snoozed because I forgot to turn off my 7:15am alarm

I didn’t completely bomb the interview, by the way. There’s still a long road ahead for me, but it was a proud moment because I felt like the chances I have been taking with my career lead me to this.  It was the first time I mentioned the creation of this blog to an interviewer, taking it back my initial purpose of starting this project and one of my goals – to be able to put this on my resume.  It was a great feeling.


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SLEEP: Day 22-24 of 30 – Stopped Using the Snooze Button

Stopped Using the Snooze Button

30 Day Challenge Accepted Sleep

In an attempt to escalate this 30 Day Sleep Challenge, I decided on Day 22, 23 and 24 I will no longer hit the snooze button.  The attempts to extend my sleep to either catch more zzz’s or to recapture my dreams only makes me more tired, and ultimately more stressed since I have to manage getting two kids out the door – teeth brushed, fed, dressed and with matching shoes on.

Day 22
12:15am-7:15am (7 hours), Hit Snooze: 0x!

Had a slightly difficult time falling asleep. Although the kids didn’t give me a reason to be worrisome, I was half awake most of the night.  Then funnily enough, I had the most intense dream – like my brain was making up for letting me down this past few days – and wanted to hit snooze, but instead I dragged myself up and started my day.  There was a lot of yawning, but oddly enough also a surge of energy. I even jumped on the dreaded treadmill after dropping the kids off at school.

Day 23
11:45pm-7:15am (7hours, 30minutes), Hit Snooze: 0x!

In the middle of the night, both kids came down claiming nightmares (at different times).  Too tired and not in the mood to teach a lesson in the wee hours, I let them take over the bed and went to sleep in my daughter’s bed. (Secret: I actually prefer sleeping solo). Sure, I didn’t hit snooze, but I laid in bed for 20minutes struggling to get up. Then again, a mini surge of energy mid-morning, I did a yoga session.

Day 24
12:00am-7:15am (7hours, 15minutes), Hit Snooze: 0x!

My husband knows I have a difficult time falling back to sleep, so to prevent the kids from sneaking into our bed (which he actually loves), after they fell asleep he moved the younger one into the older one’s bed.  It worked!

I didn’t actually discover the function of the snooze button until college.  What a horrible time to discover it and test its limits.  I’ve never been a morning person, and having safety net of a secondary alarm only encouraged my poor habits.  These past three days weren’t as hard as I thought.  But the timing of this mini-test if funny because just this week an article came out saying that hitting the snooze button actually means you’re a smart person. Ha!


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SLEEP: Day 19-21 of 30 – I Have No Dreams

I Have No Dreams

I love having dreams.  But on Day 19, 20 and 21 of the 30 Day Sleep Challenge I didn’t have any – that I can remember.  I used to have such intense dreams I would carry those emotions with me throughout the day, even though I couldn’t remember exactly what my dream was about.  There was a time I wanted to keep a notebook by my bed so I could write down my dreams as soon as I woke up, before I forgot them.

30 Day Challenge Accepted Sleep


Day 19
12:15am – 7:45 am (7hours 30minutes), Hit Snooze: like 10x? 

Day 20
2:00am – 8:30am + 5:00pm-6:00pm nap (7hours 30 minutes), Hit Snooze: n/a

Day 21
2:15am – 9:45am + 5:00pm cat nap (7hours 30 minutes), Hit Snooze: 0x

Why we dreams and what they mean are different to everyone. I believe that dreams (and nightmares)  are subconscious thoughts and feelings, hopes and fears, you’re unable to express when you’re awake. It’s the ultimate mental escape, which is just another reason that getting sleep is so important. It gives me a window to a part of my soul I’m either ignoring or am oblivious to.

So what does it mean that I’m not having any dreams? Does that mean I’m content? Or does it mean that even my brain needs a break from everything?


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SLEEP: Day 16-18 of 30 – Let Mommy Sleep

Let Mommy Sleep

I have to admit, so far getting 7 hours of sleep at night is a much easier challenge than I thought it would be.  I thought that the act of falling asleep, which has always been difficult for me, was going to be my biggest hurdle.  Who knew that simply putting my phone far from arm’s reach was the solution.  The only thing I haven’t been able to resolve through this 30 Day Sleep Challenge is getting my kids to sleep in their beds through the night, every night.  How many of you have a voice that screams in your head, “LET MOMMY SLEEP!”? How many of you actually scream it aloud?

30 Day Challenge Accepted Sleep

Day 16
12:15-7:30 (7 hours), Hit Snooze: 2x

Slept with my daughter in her room last night because of the storm; the winds and rain were so loud I don’t blame her for being scared. Thought it would be better than having her wake me up in the middle of the night.  Didn’t work out as planned. Her kicking woke me up through the night. I think she punched me once too.

Day 17
12:15-7:15 (7 hours), Hit Snooze: 1x

It’s like my kids conspire against me – how do both of them have nightmares the same night? First my little one came down in the middle of the night.  His little 3-foot body managed to take over my side of the bed. As soon as I woke up to adjust him, my older one walked in.  So I gave up and let her take up whatever remaining space there was in our bed and I left to go sleep in her bed.

Day 18
11:45-7:15 (7 hours, 30 minutes), Hit Snooze: 1x

Today was a rare night. I don’t even remember falling asleep, and slept through the entire night, no interruptions. I was ready to complain about my husbands snoring as tonight’s interruption, instead he complained about mine. Sorry, not sorry.

How did this miracle happen you wonder? My mom came to stay the night, and the kids both slept with her in the guest room. Grandmas are the best.

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SLEEP: Day 13-15 of 30 – I Forgot How To Do Math

I Forgot How To Do Math

On Day 13, 14 and 15 either my internal clock is broken or I’ve forgotten how to do math because I kept having trouble calculating the amount of sleep I was getting. Sleep is supposed to help your brain, not make you stupid.  Or maybe it’s my kid’s common core math homework successfully screwing with how I add and subtract. All I have are 10-frames and counters in my head and none of it makes sense.

30 Day Challenge Accepted Sleep

Day 13
1:00am – 8:30am (7hours 30min), Hit Snooze: 0x

When I woke up I was upset I couldn’t fall back to sleep to catch some more zzz’s. I wanted at least 7hours. When I complained to my husband about us falling asleep at 2am, he said we actually knocked right before 1am, in the middle of the movie.

Day 14
1:30am – 9:30 am (8hours), Hit Snooze: 0x

For some reason I kept calculating wrong and thought I only got 6 hours of sleep.  I woke up so tired and was sure I didn’t get 7 hours rest, until I remembered that I was on my feet for almost 5 hours yesterday at Women’s March.

Day 15
12:30 – 7:45 (7hours 15minutes), Hit Snooze: 3x

Total sleep was probably more like 6 hours and 45 minutes since I hit snooze so many times.  I don’t know anymore. I’m too tired to think.


Now that I’m half-way through the 30 Day Sleep Challenge, this is the time I like to step back and take stock of how I’m doing. Here are some observations I’ve made on Day 1 – 15:

  • I’m averaging more sleep a night, but haven’t felt more energetic. 🐌
  • On the contrary, my body and brain seem to be more tired. 😴 Sure, I have other things going on that I’m not detailing, but life is always going on. 🎭
  • Surprisingly adjusted to an earlier bedtime very easily. 🛌
  • Eliminating sleep distractions has been easier than I thought.  Biggest help is put my phone far away from me at night. 👋🏼📱
  • I used to be a morning shower person, until I become a stay-at-home-mom.  Now I’m lucky if I shower at least 3x week. 🙊 For the first few days I would take a shower every morning and it helped jolt me up in the morning.  🚿
  • The snooze button is a blessing and a curse. ⏰🔨
  • All I do at night is watch a show or movie. 📺 What was I doing before that was so important that I needed to stay up till 2am?


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SLEEP: Day 10-12 of 30 – Confused Sleeping Partner

Confused Sleeping Partner

30 Day Challenge Accepted Sleep

For the past 9 days I didn’t tell my husband I was doing the 30 Day Sleep Challenge.  Since we’re both night owls, we’re used to each of being busy either separately or together till the wee hours.  When one of us randomly goes to bed before 1am, we know the endless nights of exhaustion has finally caught up.  But since I’ve been lights out around midnight back-to-back days, I finally had to confess to my husband what I’ve been up to.

Day 10
12:30am – 7:45am (7hours 15minutes), Hit Snooze: 2x

Even though I got a solid 7 hours of sleep, I couldn’t seem to wake up. I should be up and at ’em 7:00am in order to get the kids out of the house by 8:30am without acting like a crazy lady. It’s a good thing I had already planned to treat myself to coffee today, because I seemed to need it.

Day 11
12:30am – 7:30am (7hours), Hit Snooze: 1x

I could’ve went to sleep earlier, but with the end of Obama’s tenure and all the talk about Trump, I just had to continue binge watching House of Cards.  Netflix, I love you. But you’re ruining my sleep.

Day 12
11:30am – 7:30am (8hours), Hit Snooze: 2x

I was barely able to keep my eyes open and knocked out surprisingly early; before midnight?! Totally helped that this season of The Affair is a bore.  But, so that my husband wouldn’t worry that something was wrong with me, I finally confessed to him I was doing the sleeping challenge.

It’s not that I was hiding it from my husband, but doing these 30 Day Challenges are a thing I do on my own.  The funny thing is that my husband has either consciously or subconsciously started to go to bed earlier than normal too.  I don’t know if he actually goes to sleep earlier, but he’s by my side, laying in bed with me when I decide that my day is over.  Albeit, he’s laying there in the dark watching youtube or reading tech news on his phone, but now it’s at 12:30 instead of 2:30.


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SLEEP: Day 7-9 of 30 – I Love Lattes

I Love Lattes

I’m on a roll with this 30 Day Sleep Challenge!  Wasn’t sure how the weekend would look, but I was able to fit in at least 7hours on Day7, 8 and 9 even when I went back to my usual, preferred, bedtime of 2:00am.  But with all this sleep, I have no physical reason to make a Dunkin Donuts run. What I feared is coming true! But it’s even worse. I never thought myself as a coffee drinker.  I don’t like hot beverages. I don’t like hot coffee, especially the smell of it.  I didn’t start drinking iced coffee until I had kids.  Then I discovered the iced caramel latte (regular milk, no whip cream).  And now I can’t deny it.
“Hi, my name is 30DaysV, and I love lattes.”

Day 7
2:00am – 9:00am (7hours), Hit Snooze: 0x

Yay for Saturday! And for a husband who takes the kids on weekend mornings.

Day 8
2:00am – 12:00pm (10hours!), Hit Snooze: 0x

Yay for grandparents who take my kids for a sleepover when the kids don’t have school. Had a relaxing night with family and friends that included a lot of wine and a continuation of my House of Cards marathon.

Day 9
12:15pm – 7:15am (7hours), Hit Snooze: 0x

Shocked I was able to fall alseep relatively early. But even more shocked that I went into the office and survived the day without coffee.  I was definitely craving it all day, but didn’t need it. I wasn’t sleepy. I wasn’t yawning. My brain was focused, except for the nagging need of caffeine.

As a reward for how well I’m doing, I’m treating myself to a iced caramel latte tomorrow. 😋 And as a DD Perks member, I have a FREE Beverage Reward waiting to be used. Winner!

30 Day Challenge Accepted Sleep

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SLEEP: Day 4-6 of 30 – Sleeping Stress Away

Sleeping Stress Away

It’s been a tough week. Usually I’m good at keeping a positive attitude, but as little things kept piling up I felt like I was getting hit left-and-right.  I face-planted at the train station.  I dropped and shattered my iphone.  My son caught the stomach flu.  My daughter was pushed during basketball and scraped the skin right off her knee.  This is all on top of the biggest problem that I can’t even mention here.

30 Day Challenge Accepted Sleep

Stress and sleep have never went hand-in-hand for me.  But on Day 4, 5 and 6 of the 30 Day Sleeping Challenge I was more conscious of the need to escape reality, not using vices like wine or comfort food, but through the best option – sleep.

Day 4
12:15am – 7:00am (6hours 45minutes), Hit Snooze: 1x

This week I’ve been dealing with some annoying information that’s causing me a lot of stress.  Usually when I have a lot on my mind, I have trouble sleeping. I will lay in bed for hours, either sulking or brainstorming solutions, usually a little bit of both.  Tonight I decided to prevent a sleepless night by succumbing to my emotionally exhausted brain and shutting down early.

Day 5
12:00am – 7:30am (7hours 30minutes), Hit Snooze: 0x

My little guy came home sick from school.  He had a febrile seizure once when he was an infant and since then I take his fevers seriously, even a mild one.  So tonight I wanted him to sleep in bed with me so I could keep an eye on him.

Day 6
1:45am – 7:15am, 7:30am-9:15am, 9:30-10:30 (7hours 45minutes), Hit Snooze: 0x

In an attempt to relax and spend time together not talking about adult stuff, my husband and I decided to watch a light-hearted movie to bed.  Thank you Zack Galifianakis for giving me a few laughs.  I really needed them.  At 7:15am my little guy snuck into my bed, and together we snoozed the rest of the morning away.  When I woke up at 9:30am, everyone was still sleeping so I snuck away to the basement and watched an episode of House of Cards with my eyes closed (aka I listened to Season1 Episode11 – poor Peter. I was really rooting for him).

Since starting the Instagram account for the 30DayChallengeAccepted blog, I’ve been surfing quotes on whatever topic is on my mind.  Whether that’s ‘challenges’, ‘sleep’ or ‘stress’, reading these inspiring words has helped me keep my problems in prospective.  Luckily most of the issues I listed are passing, and the big one (hopefully) financially burdening only short-term. I can’t control any of it.  But the one thing I can try to control is my response to it.  Sleep being one of those important things.


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SLEEP: Day 1-3 of 30 – How Am I Still So Sleepy?!

How Am I Still So Sleepy?!

30 Day Challenge Accepted Sleep

I’ve gotten more sleep the past three days than I normally do.  On Days 1, 2, and 3 of the 30 Day Sleep Challenge I averaged 6-1/2hours a night (my  norm is closer to 5-6hours a night). Yet I feel even more tired during the day now than I did before.  What is going on?

12:30am-7:00am (6-1/2hours), Hit Snooze: 1x

Hubby got a work call at 3:30am that woke me up. Have a mentioned that I’m a very light sleeper.

Day 2
12:30am-7:00am (6-1/2hours), Hit Snooze: 0x

Slept right through the night, yet when I woke up I laid there for 20minutes before finally getting out of bed.  One of my future challenges will have to be the Morning Challenge.

Day 3
12:15am-4:30am, 5:00am-7:30am (6-1/2hours), Hit Snooze: 3x

In the middle of the night my son woke me up when he crawled into our bed.  Then I couldn’t fall back to sleep because my husband started snoring.  So I went to sleep in the guest room, stopping by my daughter’s room to give her a kiss, but she wasn’t in bed and I got scared.  Thought maybe my son had come to our room because she crawled into his bed, but she wasn’t in his bed either.  So I ran to wake my husband, and there she was… tucked by his side, hidden from view.  Unlike her little brother, she knows how to sneak into our bed without waking me.

I thought it would be a struggle to go to sleep earlier than 1:00am, but instead I’m finding struggling to stay awake by midnight.  I was expecting with more sleep I would have more energy, but instead it’s like my body is begging for even more sleep.  Apparently I’m supposed to be hibernating. So off I go… good night.


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