About Me

I don’t know what good deeds I did in my previous life, but I’ve been quite lucky with the one I’m living now. Happily married with two healthy kids living in our newly built home. Surrounded by family who are our best-friends, and friends who are more like family. Yet, here I am with all my blessings at the age of 35, and I feel like I’m still trying to figure things out.

I can’t cook. I’m not crafty. My interior design executions are standard. I don’t enjoy exercise. My fashion style is more comfort than catwalk. I wear just enough make-up to look presentable. And I don’t do selfies. All those envious skills that I find interesting in other people, I just don’t have it. But I’d like to find it.

30 Day Challenges aren’t new. And I’m not new to trying them – yoga, a new beauty regimen, squats, planks, juicing, etc.   However, I’ve never completed a full 30 days or bothered to share my experience.

So here I am. Taking my amateur skills of writing, career experience in marketing, and enthusiasm of self-exploration, and challenging myself to 30days of anything that will hopefully help me discover something. Things that will make me a better wife, mom, daughter and friend.

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