TREADMILL 4-6/30: Proof

TREADMILL Challenge: Day 4-6 of 30


“Brisk Walk (20)”

I thoroughly enjoyed my day off yesterday while feeling the reward of sore legs – proof that I’m making my body work.
30 Day Challenge Accepted

Today was a busy day of errands and a GNO (girl’s night out), leaving me little option to take a “20minute brisk walk”.  Then last minute some things moved around, giving me a brief 1-hour window.  Before I knew it, I had thrown on a sports bra and was on the treadmill doing today’s challenge.  As for the workout – easy peezy.


“Walk (4) + Run(1), x4”

This afternoon we’ll be at a party, so I planned to fit today’s Treadmill Challenge during the morning while the kids kept each other entertained.  Instead, after breakfast I fell back to sleep… while the kids kept each other entertained – proof that GNO was a good-night-out.
I finally got on the treadmill late at night and actually enjoyed today’s challenge. I can do intervals that include sprints! Short sprints. Very short sprints.


“Rest or Cross Training”

Today was a good day to have a rest day scheduled because I had a full-day out of the house.  However, I actually wanted to attempt cross training.  Key word: attempt.
In any case, I took today as a rest day, but I look foward to Day 7 of the 30 Day Treadmill Challenge. Is that proof that I’m getting into this?

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