TREADMILL 10-12/30: Struggling


Day 10
“Rest or Cross Training”

I was at the office all day, so I took today as a rest day.  But I’m disappointed in myself.  If I made the effort, I could’ve fit it something late hours.  But my head wasn’t there.

Day 11
“Walk (2) + Run (1), x5”

take 1
Fail. Or maybe I should call this ‘take 2’ of Day-10. 😕

take 2
Ok… so every month there’s a time when my body shuts down on me; if you know what I mean. Today is that day.  The day I want to just stay curled up in bed and wish that my next 30 Day Challenge be sleeping.

take 3
I finally did it!
So, I wrote that before actually doing it. I had to, to force myself to get back on track with this challenge.

The best part about today’s session was that my kids planted themselves in front of treadmill to watch me, pretending I was a tv show, and every Run sprint, they got up and ran with me.

Day 12
“Hills: Walk, Increase Incline 1% Every Minute (5), then Reverse to 0%, x2”

take 1
I had every intention of doing this in the morning, but after a night of tossing and turning in bed, I was ready for a nap as soon as I woke up.  Since I seem to have a spurt of energy at night, I procrastinated to doing it at night. Instead, I fell asleep when putting the kids to sleep.
So, I didn’t get today’s Challenge in, but I did get a full 9hours of sleep!

take 2
Not only did I do today’s challenge, but I added a 2 consecutive laps of running into today’s routine. I want to call it a punishment to myself, but instead I’ll call it a reward for getting my butt off the struggle-bus.

Do you exercise regularly? What do you to do keep yourself motivated?

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