TREADMILL 0/30: Why Can’t I Wear Yoga Pants to a Wedding?

TREADMILL Challenge: Day 0 of 30

Why Can’t I Wear Yoga Pants to a Wedding?

I hate to go with such a expected choice for my next 30 day challenge, but I have my reasons.  I know a huge part of me feeling like I’m in a rut is because I’m not taking care of myself.  So, for the next 30-ish days I’m going to dust off my sneakers and get myself moving.

30 Day Challenge Accepted

It has nothing to do with how I look physically.  I’m neither “fat” nor “skinny”.  And I put those descriptors in quotes because I feel that society defines what those terms mean and why it even matters.  My weight and my shape have always fluctuated, to the point that I’m not concerned with how I look to other people.  How I feel is what made me select this challenge.  And I feel frumpy.

I’m a part-time stay-at-home-mom and get to be in casual clothes and a part-time employee in the media industry and get to be in casual clothes.  But my daily attire isn’t fitting me how I like, and getting dressed is becoming stressful.  This past weekend we had a semi-formal event and I spent almost an hour trying to find an outfit.  The end of this month we have a formal event to attend, and I’m already not looking forward to the process.  Why can’t I wear yoga pants to a wedding?

Here’s my background:

  • My current exercise routine – I don’t exercise, at all.
  • I don’t have any physical ailments holding me back
  • I’ve had periods of being a gym-rat, so I know I can do it (and have the work-out gear already).
  • I have a treadmill in my house

More importantly, here are my goals with this challenge:

  • to complete this challenge as close to 30 days as possible
  • to feel comfortable in my clothes again
  • stop being so good at making excuses
  • be more active with my kids
  • go beyond 30 days and make exercise part of my lifestyle

The program I’m following is by

Ready, Set, Let’s Go…


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7 Comments on “TREADMILL 0/30: Why Can’t I Wear Yoga Pants to a Wedding?

  1. Jenny Monzon Reply

    September 18, 2016 at 11:46

    I am with you on this one! Not necessarily the treadmill, but being more active more consistently. And more importantly, feeling more comfortable with myself and in my clothes. Thanks for the motivation!

    • 30daysV Reply

      September 18, 2016 at 10:19

      you do those 22 pushups!

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