KINDNESS: Day 7-9/30 – Be Kind To A Mom

Be Kind To A Mom

Day 7, 8, and 9 of PopSugar’s 30 Day Kindness Challenge were difficult.  I didn’t know how to make it more challenging than it needs to be.  Being a part-time stay-at-home-mom, these are things that I do normally. I had to remind myself that for these 30Days it’s about keeping the kindness going, even if its not novel, because the effort is not wasted.

Day 7
“Go out of your way to make a new friend.”

Huh???  How am I supposed to do this? I’m with my husband and kids most of today, then going to a birthday dinner with people I already know.  And how do you make a new friend anyways?

Funny – a few days ago I Facebook-friend’ed a person I never thought I would (a friend of a friend who was chatting with me via facebook messenger).  Does that count?

Things got both harder and easier when I became a mom. Through mommy-and-me classes and playdates I inevitably made new mommy friends (Read my Random Ramble: Five Types of Mommy Friends).

So I adjusted today’s task a bit different.  At dinner, I decided to be “more friendly”.  I’m definitely one of those people you say “I totally thought you were an absolute bitch before I met you”. My resting-bitch-face never fails me.  But once you get to know me, I’ll be your most favorite bitch to bitch with.

Day 8
“Run an errand for someone.”

I’m a housewife. My job is to run errands for other people. Errands they don’t even realize they needed.

As a mommy-friend, helping out other moms with random errands just happens all the time. Whether is helping pick up their kid or returning a library book before it’s overdue.  Both of which I’ve already done this week.

Today I noticed a haphazardly thrown shopping bag on the floor with a resealed box inside – which I can only assume to be a store return.  Instead of waiting for my husband to ask me, I kindly volunteered myself. So while on an errand to find in-season boots for my daughter, I went into a techy store to make a return for my husband.

Day 9
“Pick up any trash that you see.”

Again, I’m a housewife of a man-child and two kids. I’m always picking up trash!
But today I did one better. I took the trash bin out to the curb.

None of these were out-of-the-box tasks.  Is it because I’m a mom? So here’s a challenge for you if you’re following along – today, be kind to a mom.  They do so many things all the time that go unnoticed and unappreciated.

30 Day Challenge Accepted Kindness



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