KINDNESS: Day 4-6/30 – Kids Can Be Kind Too

Kids Can Be Kind Too

Days 4 to 6 of the 30 Days of the Kindness Challenge by PopSugar was easier than Day 1 to 3.  This time I actually completed the tasks set forth. For the one challenge I didn’t complete, I like what I ended up doing better than what was asked for, because I got my kids involved. And like my husband, they don’t know I’m doing this challenge.

Day 4
“Leave a nice note or flowers on the windshield of a car.”

Wasn’t raining today, so the perfect day to leave a post-it note on a stranger’s car. On my train ride home I scoured Pinterest for the perfect quote about kindness. I love quotes. I subscribe to instagram quote channels. I quote quotes. Yet, today I was coming up empty handed. I don’t love it, but here’s what I left:

In a world where you can be anything, be kind =)
Hi Stranger – Wishing you Happy Holidays!

Day 5
“Give a very generous tip to your server.”

I decided to skip this.  Not because I don’t want to give a hardworking under-appreciated person a little extra boost of morale, but because I wasn’t planning on eating out today – breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Originally my plan was to be extra kind to my kids, since both had school closed today and I was looking forward to spending the day with them.  While searching for “random acts of kindness towards kids” to find something novel I came across the idea for kids to do – send a letter to a soldier. So while also trying to figure out how to keep them busy on this cold day, I decided take something they do – making cards – with a little twist.  I found and shared with them a video of soldiers saying why getting a holiday note from a random child means so much:

When I get these letters, they tell me that they’re too small to help. But they actually do really help me out. They bring up the morale for me and my soldiers. While we’re away from our families, it helps to know that someone somewhere is thinking of us and praying for us.

They were sold.  We’re sending our cards through

30 Day Challenge Accepted Kindness

Day 6
“Pick a good cause and donate whatever amount you can to it.”

Going into the 30 Day Kindness Challenge I wanted to do things that didn’t require money. I’d rather volunteer my time or my mind than my money. But this is an organization I’ve always thought about donating to because of the impact lupus has had on my life, so what better time than now.

Thanks to the commitment of dedicated supporters like you, the Lupus Foundation of America works year-round to support research into safer, more effective treatments, educate doctors and health professionals about this devastating disease, support the 1.5 million Americans living with lupus and their families, and advocate to government and business leaders on their behalf.

The wonderful thing about this challenge is knowing that doing one small thing can end up being something bigger to someone else.  “No act of kindness is ever wasted.” Like that quote?


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