KINDNESS: Day 22-24/30 – Being A Nicer Mom

Being A Nicer Mom

Being a parent is hard. You’re not supposed to say bad words in front of your kids, but they’re usually the source of frustration.  On days 22, 23, and 24 of the 30 Day Kindness Challenge I found myself adding kindness into my role of mommy. It was a win-win all around.

30DayChallengeAccepted Kindness

“Say thank you to someone who does a hard job that not many people would take.”

This isn’t a cop-out, but today I said Thank You to myself. I do a hard job that not many people would/could take.  I am a stay-at-home-mom.  Everyone has their opinions on it, but I will hands-down tell you it’s the most under-appreciated non-paid job.

How did I thank myself? I never shop for just me, so I treated myself to a little online shopping and took advantage of an end-of-year sale and got myself two pairs of jeans. (PS. best skinny jeans: old navy, rockstar. Currently 50% off!)

“Bring food and water to someone in need.”

It’s not nearly has philanthropic, but at the playground I pretend-played with a kid and we gave each other ice cream, milkshakes and smoothies. I do it with my own kids all the time, but I’m weary about playing with other people’s kids (you never know how psycho other parents can be).  But this little boy joined my kids at the pretend storefront and I couldn’t ignore him.  At first his parents didn’t seem ecstatic about him shoving his hands into the wood chips and making small piles, but when they realized that it was all harmless fun, they started to play along too.  Then it became a lesson of sharing and manners, and of course – kindness.

As an aside, I was proud to see my kids so welcoming to this little boy.  Their openness to include him led the way to fulfill today’s task.

“Make a personalized playlist for a family member or friend.”

Do you have kids that have opinions? Especially about music? In the car this past month my kids insisted that we keep it on the radio station that was only playing Christmas music – my ears are still ringing. The rest of the year, my two kids have the same taste as their dad – either 80’s pops and ballads or current kids’ bop. Meanwhile, my vibes are more 90’s hiphop and R&B. And it’s tough, because we have Sonos playing all day long at home.

So today, instead of making an actual playlist, I let my kids listen to what they wanted – Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, One Direction, Justin Bieber, etc (although I have to admit that the latter two have some catchy tunes). It was killing me not to switch stations or fast forward through songs before they realized what I was doing.  But now that they’re asleep I’m restoring my ears with some quality Bruno Mars and The Weeknd.

As a parent you’re constantly trying to teach your kids how to be the best version of themselves.  But the best way to teach them is to practice what you preach. The past three days I was was more conscious about being kinder, and as a result, I felt happier.  And so were my kids.

Happy mom = Happy home

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