KINDNESS: Day 16-18/30 – Stop Overthinking

Stop Overthinking

They didn’t seem so out-of-the-box, but they actually were.  I thought Day 16, 17 and 18 of the PopSugar 30Day Kindness Challenge were going to be a breeze.  I go into it oversimplifying the tasks then upon execution I start to overthink it, so instead of just enjoying it I’m making a bit of a mess.

30 Day Challenge Accepted Kindness

“Leave a funny note or a little bit of cash in your favorite library book.”

The note I left wasn’t that funny, but it was fitting.  I enjoy reading and am lucky enough to have a library that carries the latest releases in a section called Star Readers which only allows you to borrow a book for 7days.  Coincidentally today is the day so I’m supposed to return this book.

This week’s read is by my favorite author, Jodi Picoult – “Small Great Things”.

Here’s my review: Read It!

And here’s the non-funny post-it note message I left in the book for the next reader:

Loved this book’s message.
Sharing one of my favorite quotes:
“The one thing we all have in common is that we are all different.”
Enjoy the book!


“Put stray grocery carts back where they belong.”

I tried, but those Costco employees are so efficient!

Instead my act of kindness today was, again, through one of my kids.  My younger one has been doing soccer for a few seasons now. He’s still preschool age so I don’t expect much, but he loves this weekly intramural activity and his coaches do a great job with the crazy munchkins. As a gift for a holidays, we gave the coaches lottery tickets.  It took a lot of self-control for my little guy not to do all the scratch-offs himself!


“Let a car merge in front of you and give them a smile or a thumbs-up.”

Today I meant to complete Day13’s task – to bring treats to the office – since today is the last day I’m scheduled to go in this year, but I didn’t have a chance to get treats.  Ironically, when I walked into the office there were brownies, candies, nuts, cookies and more already laid out.

So I decided to go with today’s assigned task, although it seemed so mundane.  I’m an aggressive driver, but I am also courteous. Today I didn’t have much of a drive – just the 1.3miles from my house to the train station, and back.  So, I let whoever needed to merge, merge. I pulled to the side to let cars coming the opposite way down our narrow streets pass. I let pedestrians cross.  All with a happy wave.


These past three day’s tasks seemed easy peezy, but they weren’t because I kept feeling like I waa going about them all wrong. I was scared to leave that note in the library book – worried the librarian would see it when I returned the book and scold me for “vandalizing” (it sounds silly now that I said it aloud).  I tried to put the grocery carts back, but I went at the wrong time (in the morning, when the carts aren’t hapharzardly scattered) and with my little guy in tow, chasing down stray carts in the cold didn’t seem as fun in real-life. And I thought I was a nice driver already, but purposely being extra-patient nice driver was actually difficult! I have places to be!


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