KINDNESS: Day 10-12/30 – What Comes Around Goes Around

What Comes Around Goes Around

Day 10, 11, and 12 of the 30 Day Kindness Challenge were fun.  They weren’t out-of-the-box acts of kindness, but each brought me back to a memory of someone doing this to me. And what goes around, comes around and goes right back around again – because I’ve paid it forward time and time again.

30Day Challenge Accepted Kindness

Day 10
“Offer to babysit or pet sit for someone for free.”

Offering to babysit for free is part of being a mom. So, been there, done that.  Especially when one of you children is a social-butterfly and babysitting is more like a playdate.  It’s a win-win for everyone – moms and kids.

The first time someone offered to take my daughter for a playdate, I hesitated.  Not being a kid-person myself, I never thought people did that.  Now, it’s common practice within my mommy-friend circle. I am happy to watch their children whether planned or last-minute, regardless of who initiated.

Today I supported another mom in a different way, by supporting her small-business.  (Disclaimer: I would’ve done this even if I wasn’t doing this challenge.)  Earlier this week while running errands I remembered I should pick up holiday cards for my kids’ teachers, coaches, etc.  but I didn’t like any of the selection.  Then I remembered about, a line of beautiful stationary created by a mom I met this year. So I reached out to her today and within an hour placed an order for cards directly via text picked them up from her home later that evening.

Day 11
“Call a loved one you haven’t spoken to in awhile.”

I’m a true Sagittarius. My group of friends is quality over quantity. So any chance I get to spend quality time with a quality friend, I take it. That’s why whenever a friend asks me to do something, I say ‘yes’ before even thinking ‘no’. This tasks works for me.

I’m not much of a phone-chatter.  I’m awkward on the phone, even worse with Facetime.  I’m more of a text’er/emailer or talk in-person.  For weeks I’ve had a dear friend on my mind that I hadn’t talked to in too long. Both of us are now moms to two. Due to both of us moving, our homes are separated by two rivers and an island.  It’s too easy to let time and space allow you to drift apart. Today I texted and emailed her, and she responded right away saying she was happy to hear from me and we made sure to set up a dinner date for next month.  😊

Day 12
“Give someone an unsolicited compliment.”

All day long! I’m happy to do this.

Years ago, in my 20’s, when weekends were about going to clubs/lounges and frolicking amongst strangers, I remember this life-changing moment:

I felt the girl next to me at the bar looking at me.  I prepared to receive a catty remark, but instead she says to me, “you have beautiful hair.”  She immediately erased by RBF, and together we flagged down the bartender to finally get our drinks.  I’m pretty sure she wasn’t hitting on me and she didn’t seem drunk.  But regardless, her simple kind words lifted my spirits.

Since then, I’ve found myself less hesitant about genuinely complimenting someone, friend or stranger.  Whether it’s telling the librarian her nail polish worked great with her skin tone, letting my friend know that her jeans are a great fit on her, or reminding my husband that he’s handsome.

Today I didn’t get out much because my older came home early from school sick with a stomach bug. So she was the receiver of all compliments today.  (Today and every day!)  Even after puking and running a fever, she truly is beautiful and kind-hearted.  She is a cooperative patient and I’m so lucky to have her as my daughter.

I loved the Kindness tasks for Day 10, 11, 12. They remind me of the principle of karma – cause and effect.  Once someone was kind to me, as a result I wanted to pass along those positive feelings.  I hope that I’ve touched someone with my simple offer to watch their kid, with my belated hello, or with my uplifting compliment so that they felt inspired to do the same to someone else.


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