BLOGGING 6/30: A Model Role Model

BLOGGING Challenge: Day 6 of 30

A Model Role Model

As mentioned in Day 2, I only follow one blogger. Her name is Marianna Hewitt. Her blog is Not to say I haven’t tried to follow other blogs, but her blog has been the only one I still follow. As I piece together my own blog, I have only her to reference and it begged the question – Why?

Here are the reasons I think is a model Role Model:

1. Consistency

From content to imagery, there is a story Marianna tells and sticks to. Her brand has an identity that is put together organically. It comes across effortlessly and gives you a sensory reaction of calmness, romanticism, and simple beauty. Whether on her website, her Instagram, her YouTube channel, or even SnapChat, she doesn’t try to be anyone else but Marianna Hewitt. She also posts regularly – she doesn’t disappear for months, return with a obligatory sorry and no explanation (like most of the bloggers I eventually stopped following- because there was nothing to follow).

2. Personality

Of course, it stems from her makeup as a person – a former TV host, her childhood experiences as a Eurasian, a loving daughter who travels the world with her parents, and humbly being a part of a fabulous inner circle in L.A. (ie. Kim Kardashian & Co., whom she resembles!) Her professionalism and genuine charm comes across in her words, in her photos and in her videos. I don’t know her personally, but after you follow someone for a while (even if they’re only putting themselves in the best light – as we all do with social media), curtains come down and you see the person for whom they are.

3. Seamless and Accessible

Marianna keeps herself top by my mind through daily Instagram posts and announcements via Snapchat videos. From there, if I find a topic she’s writing about interesting, I access her blog via her mobile app or on my laptop. If she notifies that she’s posted a video, I go to YouTube. Her content rotates, whether it’s about hair or makeup or a recent trip she’s taken; it’s not one note. She even takes you behind-the-scenes and happily shares her tips and tricks of how she runs her business. And I can find it regardless of which social media platform.

I consider Marianna Hewitt an inspiration. In her genre of beauty and lifestyle, I think she’s making smart business moves and will be relevant for years to come. I feel she’s the epitome the adage “Love what you do, do what you love”. So, as a newbie blogger I will take what I feel are her strengths – being herself, all the time, everywhere – as characteristics I want my blog to achieve.

30 Day Challenge Accepted


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One Comment on “BLOGGING 6/30: A Model Role Model

  1. Irene Reply

    August 16, 2016 at 9:22

    I used to follow blogs when I was blogging at Xanga some years ago and the few of us, local Xamga bloggers, became friends. However, I gave up blogging due to personal reasons and later that platform was closed.

    So good that you have a role model that inspire you. I should actively find one for myself.

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