BLOGGING 24/30: I Was Busy Being Lazy

BLOGGING Challenge: Day 24 of 30

I Was Busy Being Lazy

Going through another frustrating piano practice session with my daughter, I finally asked her if she wanted to quit. She looked at me funny and responded with a questionable yet certain “no”. Since we started filling her schedule about two years ago, she’s never said she wants to quit music, dance or martial arts. She’s 6, by the way.

This 30 Day Blogging Challenge Post is a two parter about: 1) my kids’activities and 2) my lesson on quitting.

My Kids’ Activities

When I was my daughter’s age, I don’t recall doing any after school activities to this extent.  My younger one too – almost age 4, has been taking various classes since he was 2.  Nowadays, if you don’t have your kid in at least two extracurricular programs, you are judged on whether or not you are a fit parent.  When I was a kid, summer breaks was literally a break of two hot and passive months of sleeping in, meeting up with friends, and an epic trip to Six Flags.  Now, you better save up (a lot of money!) to send your kid to a summer camp, because surely their brain will rot otherwise.  Sometimes I think I haven’t found “it” (read About Me) because I was busy being lazy.

30 Day Challenge Accepted 24

However, social pressure has little to do with why I pack my kids’ schedule.  I don’t force these activities unto my children.  They express interest in something, I listen to why, I encourage by finding a class or whatever will help them explore that interest, and I support them.  Obviously as a mom, I see endless potential in my kids and want to give them every opportunity I can provide.  In the end, I’m hoping they find what I’m trying to find – their “thing” so eventually they can do what they love as a living.

I feel that I’m taking a lot of away from my own amazing mom as I write this.  Everything I say I do for my kids, she did for me. She still does. So it wasn’t lack of opportunities during my childhood that has put me in this rut in my 30s. Maybe if I didn’t quit all the things I started! (… like I almost did on Day 23).

After she answered “no” to quitting, I wanted to kick myself for even asking her. But, more on this on Day25


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