BLOGGING 23/30: The Hump

BLOGGING Challenge: Day 23 of 30

The Hump

It took me almost three days to write my post for Day22 (“Who’s The Boss?”).  I didn’t really know what I was writing about, so my confidence with my content wasn’t there.  It took me a while to “research” the topic, which just caused me to get lost in the (inter)net. And I’m mid-marathon of Narcos on Netflix, which is taking up my evenings (especially because the subtitles don’t allow for multi-tasking).  Then funnily enough, today’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge task was overcoming “blogger’s block”.  Sark eMedia can read my mind!

30 Day Challenge Accepted 23

Today’s daily Challenge email is exactly what I needed.  Even before when I was doing 30 day challenges without logging my progress, I know the intervals between Days started get to longer and longer around 20.  I never got to 30.   I don’t think I even made it to 25, ever.  I could never get over the hump. Why do I stop?

Stopped seeing progress – specifically with this blog, it’s a catch22 for me. I’m too shy to share, so I don’t have a following.  I don’t have a following, so I don’t see response to my blog creation.

No motivation or get bored – yesterday I felt like i was over my head. My hobby got too hard. Luckily yesterday’s post included motivational blogs, so within itself I was revived.

Lose sight of the finish line – I forget there’s a reward at the end of 30 Days.  Today I went back and read Day4 where I wrote out my goals of doing this blog.

So, today is my hump day. But today is over.

“When you feel like quitting. Think about why you started”


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3 Comments on “BLOGGING 23/30: The Hump

  1. […] I feel that I’m taking a lot of away from my own amazing mom as I write this.  Everything I say I do for my kids, she did for me. She still does. So it wasn’t lack of opportunities from my childhood that has put me in this rut in my 30s. Maybe if I didn’t quit all the things I started (… like I almost did on Day 23). […]

  2. Jenny Monzon Reply

    September 8, 2016 at 9:09

    I know what you mean. It’s easy to get discouraged, lose interest and motivation but I’m learning that’s when we have to push harder and breakthrough those feelings. Hey, ya know I’m one of your fans! =)

  3. […] out that around the early 20’s is when I usually fail at 30Day Challenges; I called it The Hump.  Maybe I because of this mental hurdle, I already prepared myself to give up.  I hate that […]

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