BLOGGING 18/30: I Break Promises

BLOGGING Challenge: Day 18 of 30

I Break Promises

Today’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge tasks is about making a promise, which as a parent I do all the time and break!

30 Day Challenge Accepted 18

I promise my kids that they’ll get something, that I’ll do something, that we’ll go somewhere… just to get them to cooperate with whatever I need them to do for me at that moment. And if I don’t follow through, they will call me out on it. In my mind it’s not a promise, it’s a compromise and not that serious. But there is it… right in the word: comPROMISE.

They might be kids, but they’re teaching ME things about life, constantly.  What lesson am I teaching them by not doing what I say?! I preach to them about consistency, and about keeping your word, and not lying. Yet, here I am on what I feel is a minuscule scale, not delivering on my end. But regardless of the degree of promise, there are consequences.  What happens when I don’t follow through? Distrust. Loss of credibility. Uncooperativeness. Reciprocal disappointing behavior.

Now, I’m being a bit dramatic in order to prove a point.  Truth is, more often than not, I do what I say I will and my kids know this. But when I forget, I never forget how it feels that I let them down.

As a blogger, there’s a fundamental promise we give our readers… that we will provide informative, entertaining, quality content, consistently.  My promise is to happily compromise my time for yours. I’ve stopped following bloggers because their content didn’t evolve.  Or because their personality became too sponsored. Or simply because they stopped posting.  I would hate to be THAT blogger, because I would never forget how it would feel to fail at yet another 30 Day Challenge.  So, see you for Day#19!


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3 Comments on “BLOGGING 18/30: I Break Promises

  1. Irene Reply

    August 29, 2016 at 2:18

    “My promise is to compromise my time for yours”
    Hmm… as your reader, “compromise” is not exactly what I wish from you. I hope you take care of yourself first and find fun and joy in whatever you are doing. I just like the musings from the authentic you 🙂

    • 30daysV Reply

      August 29, 2016 at 11:42

      I get what you’re saying – “compromise” has a negative connotation, but I didn’t mean it that way.
      I try to teach my kids that compromising is a give-and-take, but in the end everyone will be happy from working together.
      Edited to: “happily compromise”, because as much as I enjoy blogging, I can’t deny there are sacrifices being made, joyfully.

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