BLOGGING 12/30: Drunk Blogging

BLOGGING Challenge: Day 12 of 30

Drunk Blogging

30 Day Challenge Accepted 12

To be clear, I’m not drunk. I did have a glass (or two) of wine after a long day and a long overdue date night. But it made me think about drunk texting, which I’ve never done – at least nothing embarrassing enough to remember.

Alcohol is sometimes called a truth serum or liquid courage. It lowers your inhibitions. That’s definitely the case for me.  My tongue becomes a bit looser, but it most cases (I think) I’m still able to maintain “control”.

Tonight I wondered if drunk blogging is a phenomenon as well.  Does it happen? Is there an app to prevent bloggers from writing incoherent and regrettable posts? Not that I need it. 😉


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